Belgians urged to increase consumption of french fries

Belgians urged to increase consumption of french fries


Potato stocks in Belgium may disappear, as fries fell due to the closure of catering establishments

As EastFruit wrote earlier, amid rising prices for potatoes in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, due to the sharp increase in demand for fresh potatoes, enterprises producing french fries are massively suspended in Europe. The main reason for the cessation of their activities is a sharp decrease in demand for products from catering enterprises and the HoReCa segment as a whole.

Belgian potato industry sees supermarket communications as a way to encourage people to eat fries at least twice a week to support the industry during the COVID-19 pandemic

Belgium currently has a stockpile of 750,000 tons of potatoes, the main ingredient for their favorite national dish, but the whole crop may be lost, as sales of french fries fell due to the closure of catering establishments. This is written by AgroXXI with reference to the portal VegNews.

Refrigerators are overloaded, the potato industry in Belgium is looking for solutions to the problem.

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“We are working with supermarkets to find out if we can launch an appeal to eat french fries 2 times a week during the coronavirus sales crisis. We try to avoid food waste because every potato lost is a loss of work for many people, ”Romain Coles, Secretary General of Belgian Potato Group Belgapom, told CNBC.

“Many people are really optimistic in my country, but as a representative of the potato sector, I worry about what will happen to the potato stocks in the coming months,” he added.


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