Bananas are grown in the Turkestan region (Kazakhstan) (video)

Bananas are grown in the Turkestan region (Kazakhstan) (video)


This year, for the first time in 9 years, a farmer has harvested

In the Turkestan region (Republic of Kazakhstan) they learned how to grow bananas, the correspondent of “Khabar 24” reports. Exotic trees grow in the village of Turbat, Kazygurt region.

Halima Seitkerimova decided on the experiment. She believes that local fruits are no different from imported ones. Nine years ago, out of curiosity, Halima bought some banana seedlings and planted them in her garden. The farmer did not hope for a harvest, but the trees began to bear fruit. According to Halima Seitkerimova, she began to study the technology of caring for bananas.

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This year, for the first time in 9 years, a farmer has harvested. There are about 40 banana trees in Halima Seitkerimova’s garden, but only one has borne fruit. This is probably due to unsuitable weather conditions, the farmer suggests. Banana is intolerant of cold. If the air temperature drops even slightly below normal, then ripening fruits may freeze. Therefore, the trees periodically have to be covered with oilcloth. Banana is very fragile compared to other fruits and vegetables. Caring for banana trees is a hobby for Halima Seitkerimova. Its main activity is greenhouse farming. Every year a woman collects 30 tons of cucumbers and tomatoes from 20 acres of land.


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