Arab trader interested in exporting Moldovan apples to Egypt

Recently, the Moldovan cooperative FreshTime sent the first container of apples to Dubai (UAE). The cooperative’s partner in this deal is Mountaingate Trading (Drochia, Republic of Moldova), whose co-founder is associated with a trading group in the UAE. The representative of this company, Ahmed Khedr, claims that he is interested in organizing large-scale supplies to the countries of the Middle East and North Africa of Moldovan apples of all clones “Gala”, “Red Chief” and “Florina”, as well as table grapes “Moldova”, and “the size of the procurement prices are not important, the main thing is consistently high quality of products and proper packaging that can withstand long-term sea transportation. “

Ahmed Khedr considers Egypt to be the most promising market for Moldovan fruits and grapes of the 2021 harvest. However, in order to unblock the export of these products from Moldova to the Egyptian market, it is necessary to solve the problem of a high fixed duty at the interstate level.

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The heads of the Moldovan fruit growers’ associations believe that the cancellation of the duty on Moldovan apples and grapes supplied to the Egyptian market can be quickly resolved by an inter-ministerial agreement, which from the Moldovan side can be signed by the Minister of Economy. In exchange, Moldova could provide the Egyptian side with a preferential regime for the supply of seasonal citrus and exotic fruits to the Moldovan market.