Apples rose significantly in Poland – market review for the 11th week of 2020

Apples rose significantly in Poland – market review for the 11th week of 2020


“Renet Simirenko” continued to rise in price, and the company of the Gala apple made up his company

The situation in the apple market throughout the reporting period remained unstable. As a week earlier, some varieties of apples in the countries of the EastFruit project monitoring region added in price, but, at the same time, sellers willingly yielded to buyers when trading in other varieties, thereby intensifying the sales pace of existing consignments, especially when it came to medium-sized apples and poor quality.

As analysts of the project noted, there were still differences in the development of the situation on the apple market with respect to the previous period. First of all, it is worth highlighting Poland, where for a long period the project specialists previously fixed a stable situation on the apple market.

By the end of the reporting period, not without the influence of the spread, in particular, of the COVID-19 virus, in the EU, hype began on the Polish market, which allowed sellers to increase selling prices for apples of the main varieties from 11% to 25%.

Apple prices dynamics as of Mar 13

If we consider individual apple varieties, then in the Fuji variety segment, the growth rate of prices decreased due to a reduction in foreign supplies during the reporting period. At the same time, upward price trends only strengthened in the segment of the Renet Simirenko variety, which rose in price from 9% to 10.5% over the past seven days in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and the Russian Federation.

In general, if we consider the situation in national currency, in Russia there was an increase in prices for a number of major apple varieties according to the results of the reporting period, but, as a result of a sharp devaluation over the past week, prices decreased in dollar terms.

The leader in terms of price growth this week was the Idared apple, which immediately added 25% of the value to previous indicators. Polish producers sold this apple on average at $ 0.39 / kg, and, according to them, they had not remembered a similar price for this apple variety for several years.

Apple prices as of 03/13/2020

“Golden Delicious” and “Gala” apples were sold in Poland this week on average at $ 0.44 / kg and $ 0.49 / kg, respectively, and despite the latest price increase, the cheapest apples remained in Poland among all analyzed countries of the region.

As EastFruit project specialists previously reported, in the second half of this season most apple producers in the monitoring region had almost no export quality products left and it was becoming more and more difficult for exporting companies to form the necessary batches for shipment every day.

Also this week, another important circumstance has become apparent. Due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus in the world, the possibility of export deliveries planned for March and April is doubtful, and some have already been canceled. The final unresolved period of the apple season 2019/2020 remains under the same unresolved question, since today no one can clearly predict the development of the current situation.

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