Apple production in Moscow region (RF) will double in 2021

In the Moscow region (RF), apple production will continue to grow; this year’s harvest may more than double compared to last year.

The massive apple harvest in the Moscow region takes place throughout September. And every year the yield of apples near Moscow is increasing. On an industrial scale, apples in the Moscow region are grown in the agro-industrial complex “Nepetsino” – about 60%, CJSC “Sovkhoz im. Lenin “, FGBNU FNTs” Gardening “and” Shulgino “. According to the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region Sergei Voskresensky, about 200 tons of apples have been harvested to date.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the main areas of apple production in the Moscow region are the Leninsky and Kolomensky urban districts.

The area of ​​apple orchards in the region is about 400 hectares. Today varieties such as Antonovka, Melba, Bely Naliv, Mantet, Shtrifel, Orlik, Macintosh, Rozhdestvenskoye and many others are grown here. The weather this year was favorable for the apple harvest, and farms expect to harvest significantly more than in previous years. The increase is planned by more than 2 times.

“We are planning to lay new orchards in the region, which will increase the yield and increase the production of marketable apples in the Moscow region,” emphasized Sergei Voskresensky.

The minister recalled that in 2020 the gross production of apples in the Moscow region amounted to more than 124.4 tons.