Apple Price Trends Strengthening – Market Watch for Week 22, 2020

Apple Price Trends Strengthening – Market Watch for Week 22, 2020


The apples of the 2019 harvest continued to go up, and in a number of countries it was replaced by the early varieties of apples of the current year

EastFruit project analysts continue to monitor the situation on the apple market in the countries of the monitoring region. The next week of the current year did not present unexpected changes in the market situation, and the previously established price growth trends in the main apple-producing countries continued to strengthen.

As the project specialists noted, by the end of the 22nd week of 2020, the apple of the 2019 harvest was almost completely absent on the market of the eastern countries of the region, and the next batch of apples of the early cultivars of the current year continued to replace it.

In the western countries of the monitoring region, 3-4 weeks are left before the early apple trade begins, and last year’s supply continued to decline rapidly.

In a number of countries, the supply of seasonal berries is limited due to adverse weather conditions, which does not give consumers the opportunity to switch and provides a stable demand for apples, provoking a trend of rising prices. And despite the fact that apple prices in Poland, Ukraine and the Russian Federation are confidently striving for record highs over many years, this fruit continues to remain the most demanded for the population.

According to analysts, in the near future, even despite changing weather conditions, especially in the western countries of the monitoring region, the supply of new crop berries will increase rapidly. This circumstance traditionally reduces the dependence of buyers on apples, which, in turn, can lead to the sagging of fairly high prices for these products.

As for the outgoing week, Ukraine was the leader in the growth rate of prices for apples in the 2019 harvest, and, according to EastFruit analysts, it is this country that can very well maintain this status in the near future.

The maximum, almost 25% in the last week, in Ukraine the Golden Delicious apple rose in price, while the remaining varieties added 17% or less. According to market participants, an increase in apple prices in Ukraine was recorded exclusively in the segment of imported products, and the bulk of apple supply was imported from Poland. Market operators noted a rather high quality of Polish apples on the background of residual batches of local products of medium and low quality.

In Moldova, over the past week, prices for apples of the Jonagold and Idared varieties increased from 10% to 15%. As noted by local producers, only for these varieties it was still possible to form bulk lots, meanwhile, the stocks of other apples by the end of the 22nd week were almost exhausted.

In Russia, project specialists noted a less rapid increase in prices for apples of the main varieties, from 5% to 10%, and the maximum interest of buyers during the reporting period was directed to apples of the Fuji variety.

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