An organic cluster was created in the Krasnoyarsk Territory (Russia)

An organic cluster was created in the Krasnoyarsk Territory (Russia)


Cluster enterprises process wild plants, vegetables and herbs

An organic cluster has appeared in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. According to the correspondent of, this association includes fifteen local producers who work with natural raw materials.

The authorities of the Siberian region promise support to agricultural enterprises that produce organic products, in particular, they are promised compensation for part of the costs of obtaining a certificate that confirms their organic status.

The cluster will be supervised by the Krasnoyarsk business development agency. According to his experts, local businessmen have difficulties, including in obtaining certificates and marketing products. The formation of a regional cluster will help to resolve these issues in a complex.

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At the local level, they have already come up with a single brand – this is, not surprisingly, a snowflake, only it is green. This sign is accompanied by the inscription “Siberia organic”.

Currently, juices, cereals, cereals, oils, teas, cheeses, and honey products are produced from organic raw materials in the region. In addition, local enterprises process wild plants, vegetables and herbs.


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