Americans will support the development of agritourism in Uzbekistan

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced the selection of concept proposals among private agritourism enterprises in Uzbekistan engaged in the development of domestic and regional tourism, reports.

The selection is carried out by the Agribusiness Development Fund, a fund recently founded by the USAID project.

“Globally, agritourism has proven to be an effective tool for rural development. Providing an additional source of income for small agricultural enterprises, agritourism improves rural infrastructure and creates new jobs. In Uzbekistan, almost half of whose population lives in rural areas, agritourism has great potential and can become one of the main engines of rural development, ”the US Embassy in Uzbekistan said.

To support local private businesses in creating value-added agritourism products and services, the foundation announced a selection of concept proposals and intends to co-finance activities aimed at increasing sales, increasing tourist visits, and creating employment opportunities for women and youth.

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The USAID Agribusiness Development Project is a five-year project implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture of Uzbekistan to support the growth of the private sector in the country’s agriculture through the introduction of new technologies and management methods throughout the entire value chain of selected fruit and vegetable products.

“These efforts will focus on increasing the volume of value-added products in Uzbekistan, engaging women and youth, connecting educational institutions with the needs of the private sector and helping to create an enabling environment for agricultural development,” the US embassy concluded.

The deadline for applications is October 15, 2021.