Alucha in Georgia fell several times

Alucha in Georgia fell several times


For 2-2.5 ($ 0.6 – $ 0.8) GEL, you can buy alucha of selected quality

Alucha in Georgia, compared with prices in early May, fell several times. If at the beginning of May the cost of the first Georgian bread in the agricultural markets was 8-9 GEL ($ 2.5 – $ 2.8) per kg, now, due to an increase in supply, it has decreased to 1-2.5 GEL ($ 0.3 – $ 0 , 8) per kg, and for 2-2.5 ($ 0.6 – $ 0.8) GEL, you can buy fruits of selected quality.

In supermarket chains, Alucha is slightly more expensive. For example, a medium-sized local scarlet can be purchased in Karfur for 2.35 GEL ($ 0.7), in Nikor for 2.85 GEL ($ 0.9) per kg.

The highest prices for alucha continue to remain in online stores of agricultural products. For example, in the online store, 1 kg of aluchi can be ordered for 3.5 GEL ($ 1.1) per 1 kg, in – for 5 GEL ($ 1.6). For comparison, at the beginning of May, the cost of local bread in these online stores was 35.6 GEL ($ 11.2) and 19.5 GEL ($ 6.1), respectively.

Aluchi season in Georgia usually lasts until the first half of July.

It is noteworthy that last season the prices for good quality bread did not fall below 3 GEL ($ 0.9) per 1 kg, for selected alucha they amounted to about 5 GEL ($ 1.6) per kg.
Alucha (Prunus Vachuschtii) is a table plum, and in Georgia it is consumed mainly fresh. Along with this, sauces, dried fruits, pastils, compotes and preserves are also prepared from it.

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There are no separate statistics on the production of aluchi in Georgia. According to the National Statistics Service, in the last 5 years, the level of production of tkemali and aluchi was as follows: in 2015 – 10.9 thousand tons, in 2016 – 9.5 thousand, in 2017 – 7.8 thousand tons, in 2018 – 10.9 thousand tons, in 2019 – 7.2 thousand tons. Export of aluchi, like tkemali, is also not highlighted in a separate line.


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