All types of greens rose in price in Moldova, and only parsley in Georgia. Market Watch 32 Week of 2020

All types of greens rose in price in Moldova, and only parsley in Georgia. Market Watch 32 Week of 2020


Dill rose in price as much as possible in Moldova, and in Georgia, it became more affordable.

In most of the countries in the region where the EastFruit project is being monitored, during this week, the price situation has remained relatively stable, due to the balanced supply and demand of products on the market. At the same time, the project specialists recorded a number of multidirectional price trends for all analyzed types of greenery, but only in individual countries.

In Belarus, Ukraine and Tajikistan, wholesale prices for all major types of greens remained at the level of the previous week and, as noted by market participants, the demand for these products in the above countries also did not change.

Herb price performance as of Aug 07, 2020

Georgia is the only country in the monitoring region where during the entire reporting period there were multidirectional price trends and project analysts recorded the largest changes in prices for greens in the region. For the last week parsley in Georgia, the price immediately increased by 33%, but even so it remained the most affordable type of greenery in this country. The rest of the greens in Georgia, due to the gradual increase in supply on the market, gradually became cheaper. And if dill, according to the results of the reporting period, became cheaper by 17%, then cilantro immediately lost 62% of the previous cost. A significant decrease in prices for cilantro was explained by an even sharper increase a week earlier, when sellers in Georgia revised the price tags for this item by 128% at once.

In the Russian Federation, analysts of the EastFruit project noted the establishment of negative price trends for all analyzed types of greenery. But sellers managed to avoid a rapid fall and, as a result, prices for greens in Russia over the reporting period sagged quite insignificantly.

Herb prices as of Aug 07, 2020

The last week was not without exceptions: in this case, it was Moldova. Only in this country, throughout the reporting week, market operators reported a lack of supply of both domestic and imported greens, which led to an increase in prices in this segment. And it should be added that insufficient volumes were recorded for all analyzed types of greenery.

Prices for cilantro have increased by at least 13% over the past week in Moldova, and most noticeably, by 32%, the price of dill has risen there.

As the analysts of the EastFruit project noted, there are currently no preconditions for significant disruptions in further supplies of new volumes of greens to the markets of the countries of the region, but even minor delays can lead to further price fluctuations in this segment.

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