All greenhouse vegetables went up in price this week – market review for the 16th week of 2020.

All greenhouse vegetables went up in price this week – market review for the 16th week of 2020.


Cucumbers rose in price in Russia, and tomato rose in price as much as possible in Tajikistan

Rapid development of events took place in the greenhouse vegetables market throughout the past week. In the round red greenhouse tomato segment, the upward price trends that had formed earlier only strengthened, and new trends in price growth were established in the market for long smooth and short tuberous cucumbers in the countries of the EastFruit project monitoring region. According to project experts, factors related to quarantine measures, changes in weather conditions in specific countries of the region, and the approaching Easter continued to influence the state of the market and pricing.

Tomato prices as of Apr 17, 2020

Analysts of the EastFruit project recorded the maximum price increase for round red greenhouse tomatoes this week in the Tajik market, where these products rose from $ 0.98 / kg to $ 1.66 / kg in the last seven days. According to market participants, more and more difficulties arose in organizing the supply of new consignments of imported greenhouse tomatoes to the market, and products from local greenhouse combines were not able, even partially, to meet customer requests.

Market operators explained the insignificant increase in tomato prices in Ukraine by increased purchasing activity in connection with the upcoming holiday. As for the supply, there was no shortage of greenhouse tomatoes on the Ukrainian market throughout the reporting period, and, according to representatives of trading companies, the volumes of deliveries of new batches of tomatoes to the market even increased slightly.

As for the Polish market, here the main support for price increases in this segment was provided by local products. The greenhouse tomato season in Poland gradually entered an active phase, and the buyer increasingly preferred local high-quality tomatoes, despite the fact that the prices for these products are an order of magnitude higher than for imported ones.

The exception to the upward trends this week was Uzbekistan, where difficulties with exporting excess volumes of tomatoes had a negative impact on domestic pricing.

Long Cucumber prices as of Apr 17, 2020

The opposite situation in the Uzbek market this week was noted in the segment of long smooth greenhouse cucumber, where there have been practically no deliveries of new batches of imported products recently. As a result of the deficit, by the end of the reporting period, sellers voiced selling prices, more than 2 times higher than the previous week.

In the western part of the monitoring region, project analysts noted the widespread appreciation of long smooth greenhouse cucumbers. And while in Belarus prices for the last week in this segment of the market did not increase significantly, in Russia by the end of the reporting period, average prices for smooth cucumbers reached $ 0.87 / kg, which was the highest figure among all the countries analyzed.

Short Cucumber prices as of Apr 17, 2020

In the segment of short tuberous cucumbers, price increases were noted in all countries of the EastFruit project monitoring region, without exception. And if in the eastern countries the rise in price of short cucumbers was restrained, which helped sellers maintain the previous sales rates of existing batches of products, then in all other countries analyzed the prices for these products grew more rapidly, which was supported by constantly growing demand due to the approaching Easter.

Unlike tomatoes, the supply of new consignments of cucumbers, both local and imported, throughout the reporting period could not be called stable. In Ukraine, from the beginning of this week, weather conditions began to gradually deteriorate, which led to a decrease in the sample size of greenhouse cucumbers on farms.

After rising prices by 32 dollar cents by the end of the reporting period, the most expensive short tuberous cucumber in the whole region was offered on the Moldovan market: an average of $ 1.52 / kg.

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