Agriculture suffers from dry weather established in Moldova

Agriculture suffers from dry weather established in Moldova


As a result of dry weather established in recent weeks in the territory of Moldova, farmers are not able to properly conduct field work.

The danger is dehydration, frost and hail, said the head of the department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and the Environment Vasile Sharban.

“We went from winter to summer, and the moisture layer accumulated from heavy snowfalls evaporated. As a result, the soil became solid, which makes it impossible to cultivate the land using traditional methods, ”the minister explained.

Not only drought brings problems to farmers. Climate change has significantly affected the natural cycle. There is a danger of frost, which in late April – early May becomes catastrophic for agriculture, especially in the fruit growing sector. Fruit trees have already bloomed, the vegetation process is almost complete, and in the case of a temperature 2-3 degrees below zero, the crop may die completely.

Climate change in recent years has created increasingly serious problems. The line ministry is looking for opportunities to help farmers cope with natural risks.

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