About 72% of Georgian hazelnuts are exported to the EU countries

About 72% of Georgian hazelnuts are exported to the EU countries


Today, the cost of 1 kg of hazelnut kernels on the Georgian market is 17-18 lari ($ 5.1 – 5.4)

According to the current data of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, as of September 24, the export of Georgian hazelnuts amounted to 4,466 tons, which is 74% more than a year ago.

About 72% of the total export volume – 3 thousand 208 tons – falls on the countries of the European Union. In particular, 1 thousand 393 tons were supplied to Germany, 809 tons to Italy, 280 tons to the Czech Republic, 192 tons to Poland, 165 tons to Spain, 144 tons to Lithuania, 125 tons to France, 35 tons to Greece, Austria and Estonia – 22 tons each, Latvia – 21 tons.

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The export markets also include: Russia – 268 tons, Armenia – 256 tons, Belarus – 103 tons, Ukraine – 84 tons, Brazil – 74 tons, Mexico – 53 tons, etc.

As EastFruit was informed in the Georgian Hazelnut Producers Association, today the cost of 1 kg of hazelnut kernels in the local market is 17-18 lari ($ 5.1 – $ 5.4). Purchase prices for unpeeled hazelnuts, depending on the quality and yield of the kernel, fluctuate within 6.5-8 lari ($ 2.0 – $ 2.4) per 1 kg.

According to the participants in the hazelnut industry in Georgia, the total export volume of Georgian hazelnuts of the 2020 harvest, in terms of unpeeled nuts, will be about 50 thousand tons.


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