A Tajik farmer harvests two crops of vegetables and fruits in the foothills

A Tajik farmer harvests two crops of vegetables and fruits in the foothills


Having solved the problem of irrigation on 3 hectares, the farmer planted a peach and apricot garden

Already two crops of various crops have been harvested from the foothill lands, which were fallow last year, by a farmer from Babadzhan Gafurov region (Tajikistan) Mazbutjon Ismoilov.

No one has ever cultivated agricultural crops on these pebbly lands. They went to M. Ismoilov when the former collective farm was disbanded and farms were created on its basis.

EastFruit has already talked about how a farmer is developing these lands, creating an irrigation system.

Having solved the problem of irrigation on 3 hectares, the farmer established a peach and apricot orchard. Mazbutjon Ismoilov began to grow grain crops and various fruits in the aisle and on free 1.8 hectares. By now, he has already collected and sold the harvest of melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, eggplants, various greens, early onions.

The farmer used part of the profit to purchase new seeds, fertilizers, fuels and lubricants for re-sowing.

Most of the crops that Mazbutjon Ismoilov re-sowed have already yielded to the farmer. So, at present, the farmer and his assistants are busy collecting autumn onions.

Farmers have already planted onions in the neighboring fields, the harvest of which they expect to receive next spring.

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Mazbutjon does not plan to sell the harvested autumn onions now, as the prices for them are low at present. Wholesalers accept quality onions at 1.3-1.4 somoni ($ 0.12-0.13) per kg. That is why the farmer stores the onions in the refrigerator and expects to get a higher income by selling onions in the winter.

– Autumn onions are well stored in winter and, perhaps, I will be able to sell some of them for export, – says M. Ismoilov.

Already in January, the farmer plans to sow seeds of melon, tomatoes, cucumbers in order to transplant the sprouts on the lands of his Ismoilchon farm in early spring.

Meanwhile, the farmer’s apricot-peach orchard may give its first harvest next year. But the farmer assures that the first three years will be engaged in pruning and edging trees.

“This will enable the seedlings to get stronger, gain strength and in the future, when they begin to bear fruit, the branches will not break under the weight of the apricots gaining weight, and the fruits themselves will be large, juicy and attractive to the consumer,” assures Mazbutjon Ismoilov. – Apricots of the varieties “Mirsanjali Yellow”, “Mochalka” and “Boboi”, as well as peaches of the “Lola” and “Champion” varieties grow in the garden. I expect to sell most of the apricots and peaches for export, and therefore I need a quality crop. “


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