A single online platform has been created for agricultural entrepreneurs of Georgia, Bulgaria and Romania

A single online platform has been created for agricultural entrepreneurs of Georgia, Bulgaria and Romania


Using the platform, farmers can find partners, enter into trade transactions, as well as get acquainted with official information

For agribusinesses in Georgia, Bulgaria and Romania, a single online platform has been created through which they can find partners, enter into trade transactions, as well as get acquainted with information related to various studies, state regulations, standards, market trends in these countries.

The project is implemented by the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) and its partner organizations: Elva Community Engagement (with offices in Georgia and the Netherlands), Varna Economic Development Agency (Bulgaria) and SMART Development Center (Romania).

According to Project Coordinator, GIPA representative Sergo Turmanidze, EastFruit, one of the main advantages of this online platform is that it is not limited to any one country, but is focused on the development of international trade, in this case, between Bulgaria, Romania and Georgia . According to him, the creators of the online platform hope that in the future the project will expand and cover also Turkey, Ukraine and other countries of the Black Sea basin.

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“We enable users, having passed the appropriate registration, to receive information about what, where and how to buy and sell, to select trading partners. At the same time, they can post both “dry” information about their products or services, and write about their company, indicate prices, communicate in the communication window, add personal contacts with which they would like to continue communication. We also expect that through the portal, interested parties will be able to mobilize certain types of agricultural products of small farmers and form large parties that are more convenient for export. I want to emphasize once again that this is not only about products, but also about all sorts of services, such as, for example, quality control, logistics, warehousing, refrigeration, preparation of export or import documentation. As for information on national laws, statistics and other information of interest to an agricultural producer, importer or exporter, they are regularly updated, ”he said.

According to Sergo Turmanidze, there are still few users of the portal, but the organizations that created it are carrying out activities to popularize it in each of the participating countries. “We began, in particular, to travel to the regions, during which we familiarize farmers, agricultural producers and other interested parties with the capabilities of the portal, teach the procedures for registering and posting information,” he said.

It is expected that among the users of the new online platform, in addition to the private sector, there will also be various government agencies, international and non-governmental organizations.

The online platform is currently in test mode. The working languages ​​are English, Georgian, Romanian and Bulgarian; posting information, as well as access to it, is free.

The project is being implemented as part of the Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 action program, co-financed by the European Union under the ENI instrument and the following participating countries: Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.


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