A quality apple continued to rise in price in Poland, Ukraine and Uzbekistan – market review for the 2nd week of 2020.

A quality apple continued to rise in price in Poland, Ukraine and Uzbekistan – market review for the 2nd week of 2020.


For the first time in several months, Poland recorded the fastest rising apple prices in the region

From the very beginning of the 2019/20120 season, EastFruit analysts did not notice significant fluctuations in the price situation in the apple market in Poland, which is the main producer of the most popular varieties of this fruit in the monitoring region.

But since the beginning of 2020, the situation in the Polish market for high-quality apples has changed dramatically. An active export campaign and a general decrease in the gross harvest of quality apples in 2019 led to a significant reduction in stocks of these products in storage by the end of the first half of this season. It is this fact that allowed sellers to begin to revise the previously established prices for a quality apple upward.

Apple price performance as of Jan 10, 2020

So, over the past two weeks, one of the most popular apple varieties in the region, Gala, has risen in price by almost 30% in the Polish market. The Golden Delishes apple variety added a little less than 19% in price, and a minimum, within 5%, there was a price increase in the Idared segment.

As for other countries in the monitoring region, throughout the reporting period, almost everywhere, with the exception of Tajikistan and Belarus, project specialists noted an increase in the price of the main varieties of high-quality apples. But at the same time, in both western and eastern countries of the monitoring region, not all popular apple varieties became more expensive.

Over the past two weeks, such varieties as Jonagold and Renet Simirenko have become leaders in terms of price growth. Since the first days of January, the Jonagold variety has grown in price from 7.7% to 25% in the markets of Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Georgia. And at the same time, an increase in prices for the Renet Simirenko variety from 3% to 15% was recorded in the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

The decrease in maximum prices for apples of the main varieties in the monitoring region during the reporting period was recorded only in Tajikistan and Belarus. In both countries, there was a decrease in prices in the segment of one of the most popular varieties of Golden Delicious, while these apples fell slightly, up to 10% compared to the previous period.

Apple prices as of Jan 10, 2020

Despite the fact that according to the results of the reporting period, Poland maintained the lowest prices for the main apple varieties in the region, while maintaining the current trends, both Moldova and Ukraine can take the place of an outsider with the cheapest apples in the near future. According to EastFruit project analysts, the further development of the situation in this segment will directly depend on the ratio of quality apples to the total stocks in the storages of the main apple producing countries in the region.

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