A new variety of walnut has been patented in Ukraine

A new variety of walnut has been patented in Ukraine


The “Jay” walnut variety is suitable for the north of Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus and similar climatic zones

Professor of the National University of Water Management and Environmental Management of Ukraine Petro Skripchuk and his public organization “Green Initiatives of Rivne” received from the Ministry of Economy a patent for a nut of their own variety called “Jay”. SEEDS.org.ua tells about it.

“Received a patent for our own variety of walnut“ Jay ”. Advantages of the variety: suitable for the north of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus and similar climatic zones, compliance of the fruit with world standards requirements, tasty and desirable in every yard of Ukraine, ”said the scientist.

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On his Facebook page, Petr Skripchuk posted a copy of the relevant document, which says, in particular, that the new variety of walnut is included in the Register of Plant Varieties.

Earlier EastFruit reported that for the period from February to June 2020, inclusive, the decline in revenue of Ukrainian exporters from the supply of walnuts abroad amounted to $ 9.4 million, or 36%.

According to Andriy Yarmak, an economist at the Investment Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the season for exporting walnuts from Ukraine began in October 2019 with record export rates and the first three months of the season gave walnut growers good revenue. However, already in January 2020, when China was quarantined, export demand dropped sharply and the volume of export earnings was consistently lower than last year. Demand for Ukrainian walnuts in Turkey dropped sharply. Deliveries to the countries of the Middle East fell several times, which was not fully offset by the growing demand for walnuts in the EU countries. At the same time, average wholesale prices also fell, which negatively affected the revenue. “


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