A mechanized workshop for the production of watermelon honey is being built in Ukraine

A mechanized workshop for the production of watermelon honey is being built in Ukraine


“Bekmes – watermelon honey may be of interest to Europe. However, in order to enter foreign markets, you need to unite.”

Beckmes – watermelon honey – can be an additional income for the farmer and be successful in Europe. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Tavria Green Farms project in the Kherson region, Alexander Dolinko, writes AgroPortal.ua. A month ago, he began the construction of a mechanized workshop for the production of this product. He plans to complete it by the end of July.

“Beckmes has been known to me since childhood. He replaced sugar, which was expensive. They made such honey from non-marketable watermelons. 70-100 years ago, watermelon juice was put on a bonfire in large roasters: moisture evaporated within 10-12 hours – and some kind of jam was formed from it, ”he says.

For the first time, backmes was cooked in Tavria’s Green Farms 4 years ago, Dolinko recalls.

“Before the coronavirus, we received about 30 thousand tourists per season. So they gave them a taste of watermelon honey. It was especially interesting in the winter. We saw: people like it, there will be demand and profit, ”he explains.

According to him, this year they plan to produce 1 ton of products for the season.

“We want to increase production tenfold. Pack in the autumn and winter – and then sell it. We will demonstrate it at exhibitions, distribute it among tourists and via the Internet, ”says Alexander.

Dolinko believes that in Ukraine they will simplify the licensing system and this will allow them to sell watermelon honey without problems.

“Although they have not set a price yet, they are convinced that this idea is capable of generating additional money. Of course, only the production of backmes, and nothing more, can be the main source of income for the manufacturer. These are not so big cash receipts, ”the manufacturer predicts.

According to him, such a product may be of interest to Europe. However, he believes, in order to enter foreign markets, it is necessary to unite.

“It will be expensive for one to do it. It takes a lot of effort and finances to get a certificate for an organic product, ”the expert is convinced.

Dolinko added that local restaurants were already interested in the backdoor.

“They are even ready to include it in the menu (making sauces and pastries), if I guarantee a batch. I can’t do it yet, ”said Alexander.

Beckmes is not only tasty, but also healthy, says Dolinko. According to him, 100 g of the product contains 106 calories. It can be consumed by those who have diabetes, have liver disease or want to lose weight.


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