A large-scale project for growing walnuts is being implemented in Dagestan (RF)

A large-scale project for growing walnuts is being implemented in Dagestan (RF)


Last fall, 30 hectares of “Petrosyan’s pet” variety of walnuts were planted, this spring another 35 hectares

Many farms in the Suleiman-Stalsky region of the Republic of Dagestan (RF) are actively engaged in the development of horticulture, writes the RF Ministry of Agriculture. In recent years, there has been a revival of the industry in the region; innovative projects in horticulture are being successfully implemented here. One of such projects is being carried out in a large viticultural enterprise – LLC “Zardiyan”, where the area of ​​fruit-bearing vineyards is more than 110 hectares, represented mainly by European and complex resistant grape varieties.

This enterprise is implementing a large project for laying a walnut garden.

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Last fall, 30 hectares of the Lyubimets Petrosyan walnut were planted, this spring another 35 hectares, land for planting another 40 hectares was prepared for the autumn laying, and as a result, by the end of the year the area will be 105 hectares. This is the largest walnut garden in Dagestan with a high level of agronomic support.

The farm plans to increase the area under walnuts to 150-200 hectares, in addition, they are preparing for the laying of hazelnuts, almonds and other fruit crops.

In Dagestan, work is being actively carried out on the establishment of walnut crops, which will reduce the high dependence on the import of walnut products from abroad.


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