A healthy root system is the basis for a future high yield of Chinese cabbage – opinion

A healthy root system is the basis for a future high yield of Chinese cabbage – opinion


It is important to plant seedlings without injuring the root system, which in the future will exclude the development of crop diseases.

The most popular variety of Peking cabbage for cultivation in the south of Ukraine is Bilko. It is he who demonstrates the greatest stability when growing crops in the field, as well as during storage after harvest. This opinion was expressed by a specialist in open field vegetables of the company “Vladam Yug” (Ukraine) Viktor Rudenko, writes EastFruit.

He shared this information during the webinar “Peking cabbage: technology during the growing season”, organized by the Ukrainian Horticultural Business Development Project (UHBDP).

When growing Chinese cabbage, it is important to use fertilizers balanced in the amount of macro- and microelements

Bilko is the most popular variety of Peking cabbage, despite the fact that many Ukrainian farmers are experimenting with different varieties. But the market dictates its requirements and it is Bilko that is most fully consistent with them, which is so far out of competition, ”noted Viktor Rudenko.

The open ground vegetable specialist of the Vladam Yug company also dwelt in detail on the practical aspects of growing Peking cabbage in the south of Ukraine. According to Viktor Rudenko, an important step in this is the selection of the site. This should be a fairly lightened area. Also, before starting cultivation, the specialist recommended that farmers analyze the soil, paying attention to the content of nutrients in it for subsequent adjustment of the application of mineral fertilizers.

Viktor Rudenko also emphasized that there are two ways of growing Peking cabbage: direct sowing, which has certain requirements for soil preparation, and the more common seedling cultivation.

“Peking cabbage seedlings, when sown in the second rotation in 160 mesh cassettes, requires the use of high-quality peat. It should be noted that the sowing of seedlings occurs during the hot season – during this period the sun is very active. Therefore, it is necessary to use professional peat – its supply on the market is sufficient.

If possible, it is advisable to grow seedlings in the open air, protecting them from the sun’s rays with a sun screen. In this case, the cassettes should stand on pallets so that the root system of seedlings does not go beyond the cassette, which will exclude its subsequent injury “, – Viktor Rudenko explained the nuances, adding that the deadline for sowing seedlings in cassettes in southern Ukraine is the end of July , and planting in the ground – August 20-25.

According to the expert, when growing cabbage in the form of seedlings in cassettes, especially careful care is required.

“At this time, it is recommended to use complex fertilizers as a top dressing, which are completely balanced in terms of the amount of both micro and macro elements. This makes it possible to get the highest quality seedlings, ”said Viktor Rudenko.

When planting in the ground, the following scheme should be adhered to: the distance between the wide row spacing is 1 m, the distance in the rows between plants is 25 cm.But, according to the expert, in the case of planting in mid-August, the distance can be reduced to 18 cm.This more thickened scheme gives the possibility of obtaining more homogeneous plants, excluding their overgrowth and, as a consequence, the loss of a presentation. The optimal weight of one Peking cabbage pump is 1.5-2 kg. It is this mass that is most in demand in retail chains.

The culture must be provided with sufficient water

Speaking about the economic component of the cultivation of Peking cabbage, Viktor Rudenko noted that the average cost of growing one hectare of Peking cabbage is 120-150 thousand UAH. ($ 4250-5320) – depending on the region of cultivation, the cost of harvesting and the cost of fertilizers and plant protection products (PPP).

The open ground vegetable specialist of the “Vladam Yug” company dwelt in detail on the topic of plant feeding during the growing season. So, ammonium nitrate very well develops the vegetative mass of the plant, which is necessary for Peking cabbage, as a fast-growing crop. In the south of Ukraine, its consumption will be about 200-300 kg / ha. In addition, nutrition should be built taking into account the regular use of calcium nitrate – from the very beginning of seedling growth and up to 50-55 days from the time of planting. After finishing the bait with calcium nitrate, the plants should be fed with potassium sulfate.

“In addition, during the growing season, it is very good to carry out bait with magnesium sulfate. This fertilizer has a very good effect on the formation of green leaves and its interaction with sunlight, ”explained Viktor Rudenko.

The irrigation regime for Chinese cabbage depends on the type of soil and the region of cultivation.

“But the plant must be provided with enough water and dry enough so that the root system receives, including, and air. In general, the farmer needs to understand that the health of the root system is the foundation of the future harvest. In this case, it is very important to plant seedlings without traumatizing the root system in order to exclude the factor of penetration of various diseases, ”the specialist noted.

To protect the root system from the pathogen, according to Viktor Rudenko, the use of fungicides with drip irrigation will help. But in the future, it is important to use biological plant protection products. Thus, a favorable flora for the plant is formed in the soil and the pathogen simply does not have a place for vigorous activity.


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