A gardening company from the Tambov region (Russia) plans to grow berries

A gardening company from the Tambov region (Russia) plans to grow berries


In the spring, the farm established 10 hectares of a super-intensive garden

Hundreds of hectares of gardens are laid out annually in the Tambov region (Russia) using the latest technologies. One of them is super intensive gardens. This technology was first used this year at LLC Morshansk – Agro – Invest. In the spring, 10 hectares of super-intensive garden were laid out on the farm. The density of trees in such gardens is almost two times higher than in intensive ones – up to three thousand per hectare. Accordingly, the yield is much larger.

The management of the enterprise is focused on development, and in the fall it is planned to plant 5 hectares of berry crops – raspberries and blueberries.

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The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation recalls that over the past 5 years, almost 3.5 thousand hectares of orchards have been laid in the region. There has never been such a pace in the entire history of the region.

According to the information of the regional agriculture department, almost all horticultural enterprises have started harvesting fruits. To date, more than 400 tons of fruits have been harvested with an average yield of over 100 c / ha.

On the territory of the Tambov region, 13 garden enterprises and 9 peasant (farmer) enterprises are engaged in the cultivation of fruit crops. This year, it is planned to harvest the fruit from 1.5 thousand hectares of orchards. In these areas, the region’s gardeners grow apples, pears, cherries, sweet cherries, apricots and plums. In total, in 2020, Tambov gardeners plan to harvest about 20 thousand tons of fruits.


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