20 tons of Uzbek melons delivered to the Netherlands

20 tons of Uzbek melons delivered to the Netherlands


Uzbek melons will go to shops in Rotterdam and its environs

With the assistance of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Benelux countries, the delivery to the Netherlands of the Uzbek melon produced by the exporter from the Fergana region Top Cherry LLC has been organized, the correspondent of the Dunyo news agency reports.

The first batch of melons with a volume of 20 tons arrived at the warehouse of the city of Di Liera on August 31 in accordance with the contract signed at the beginning of the month with the Dutch company “Win and Win”. In the future, the melons will go to shops in the city of Rotterdam and its environs.

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As the owner of the importing company Mehmet Masmasa notes, the Netherlands is a promising market for agricultural products from Uzbekistan. The country is interested in importing fresh and dried fruits, especially black and light raisins and nuts. The study of the Dutch market also showed the existing interest in the purchase of melons, especially sweet Uzbek melons.

The importer expressed satisfaction with the high quality of the products, their compliance with European standards, including in terms of packaging, certification and sorting.

Representatives of the Association of Exporters of Uzbekistan, who actively help the producers of the republic in finding potential buyers and establishing direct cooperation between them, played a great role in organizing export deliveries.


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