10,000 seedlings cannot get from Afghanistan to Tajikistan

10,000 seedlings cannot get from Afghanistan to Tajikistan


On both sides of the border dozens of trucks lined with various goods, mainly with food

Due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus, Tajikistan has decided to close the border with Afghanistan and stop trade.

According to Sputnik, Tajikistan closed the last checkpoint on the border with Afghanistan – Nizhny Pyanj. About 100 trucks carrying goods and goods accumulated on both sides.

In connection with the closure of the border, the Embassy of Afghanistan sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan to assist and facilitate the transport of goods and goods from both sides.

“Dozens of trucks lined up on both sides of the border, and we ask the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help solve the problem. The fact is that these goods are mainly food that can quickly go bad,” a source from Tajikistan said.

Trade between Tajikistan and Afghanistan is carried out through seven points – Ishkashim, Tim (Khorog), Shogun (Vanҷ), Rozvay (Darvaz), Shokhon (Shokhin), Kokul (Farhar) and Nizhny Pyanj (Kumsangir). Transitions have been built over the past 20 years with foreign investment to stimulate trade between the two countries and the Central Asian region as a whole.

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It is noted that lorries with goods passed through all border points. Due to the spread of coronavirus, posts began to close, and Nizhny Pyanj turned out to be the last and largest point between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

In recent years, transportation of goods and goods to the northern regions of the Afghan province of Badakhshan has also been carried out from the territory of Tajikistan.

According to the deputy head of the administration, Nusai Abdugaffar Gardish, the border post of Rozvay, which connects Afghanistan with Tajik Darvoz, was closed on March 15 from 11 a.m.

He stressed that because of this, trucks carrying flour, cement and other goods were stuck on the Tajik bank of the Panj River.

“We brought 10,000 seedlings from the Ministry of Agriculture of Afghanistan, which also remain on the territory of Tajikistan. Wherever we go, we can’t find permission. The seedlings can dry out. I contacted the Tajik border guards and the administration of Darvoz. We were told that there were borders are closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus and that Tajikistan has introduced the same measure with other countries, “said Gardish.

By 2019, the volume of trade between Afghanistan and Tajikistan reached $ 119 million. In particular, Tajikistan’s exports amounted to more than $ 100 million. Mostly, building materials were transported to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan imported mandarin, poultry, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, rice, tea into the republic.


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