UPRA: today in Ukraine there are no local brands of apricot

UPRA: today in Ukraine there are no local brands of apricot


Ukrainian consumers prefer imported apricot and are willing to pay more for quality products

The season of local apricot is gaining momentum in Ukraine. As of the middle of the second week of July, Ukrainian apricots are sold on average at 25 UAH / kg. A year earlier, wholesale prices for these stone fruits fluctuated in approximately the same price range as today, analysts at the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association (UPAA) note.

This year, the season of local apricots in Ukraine began on average 8-10 days later than in 2019 due to adverse weather conditions. Low air temperatures and heavy rains, which were recorded in most regions of Ukraine in May and June, delayed the ripening of not only apricots, but also other stone fruits, including sweet cherries, peaches and plums. Moreover, this year, producers report a significant decrease in stone fruit as a result of April and May frosts, and some farmers generally talk about the loss of 100% of the apricot crop. Accordingly, market operators expect apricot prices to remain at a higher level during this season compared to last year.

However, the difficulties for Ukrainian farmers do not end with a decrease in the harvest and a delay in the season of local apricots. Today, Ukraine has a catastrophically low level of marketing.

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“Today in Ukraine there are no local apricot brands that would sell their products in individual packaging through retail chains. Moreover, producers almost do not look towards intensive apricot cultivation technologies, which are not only economically viable, but also allow to grow fruits of the highest quality. Accordingly, today the Ukrainian market is dominated by imported products, the quality of which is an order of magnitude higher than Ukrainian. Therefore, it is not surprising that consumers give preference to imported apricots and are willing to pay more for quality products, ”says Katerina Zvereva, Director for Development of the UPOA.

Recall that in 2019 Ukraine imported 7.4 thousand tons of apricots worth $ 5.9 million. The main supplying countries were Greece, Spain, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Turkey.


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