Tomatoes and short cucumbers mostly rose in price. Market Overview Week 39 of 2020

Tomatoes and short cucumbers mostly rose in price. Market Overview Week 39 of 2020


All types of greenhouse vegetables rose in price in Russia and Moldova

By the end of the first autumn month, cool weather, especially at night, had spread over most of the EastFruit monitoring region. Accordingly, the lower air temperature did not contribute to an increase in the supply of greenhouse vegetables on the market. Despite the fact that the demand for cucumbers and tomatoes in most of the monitoring region was noted as moderate, the overall decrease in supply led to a gradual increase in prices for all analyzed types of greenhouse vegetables in most countries.

Tomatoes prices as of 09/25/2020

In several countries at once, namely in Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus, the market round red greenhouse tomato stabilized by the end of the reporting period, although market operators noted price fluctuations in the aforementioned countries at the beginning of the outgoing week. So, for example, since the beginning of the reporting week, the decline in demand for greenhouse tomatoes in Ukraine led to a noticeable decrease in prices, which did not last long. Since the middle of the reporting period, Ukrainian exporters have become more active, and a gradual increase in the volume of shipments of greenhouse tomatoes to Belarus and the Baltic States has allowed sellers to return the price tags to their previous positions.

A significant reduction in the cost of round red tomatoes this week, project analysts recorded only in Uzbekistan. At the same time, in all other countries of the monitored region, a sharp decrease in the supply of tomatoes on the market led to the establishment of clear upward price trends.

According to the results of the reporting week, the increase in prices for greenhouse tomatoes ranged from $ 0.02 / kg to $ 0.07 / kg in Tajikistan, Moldova, Poland and the Russian Federation. Moreover, the rise in prices for tomatoes in Poland was noted for the second week in a row, and if the rate of rise in prices in this country continues, it is on the Polish market that the highest prices among all analyzed countries can be established.

Long cocumber prices as of 25.09.2020

As for the market long smooth greenhouse cucumber, then throughout the outgoing week, operators reported on various trends in each individual country in the region. So, after a significant increase in prices for smooth cucumbers in Poland, the activity of trade in this segment began to decline rapidly, and in order to stop this process, sellers stopped trying to further increase prices. At the same time, last week the project experts predicted not only the cessation of the growth of prices for long smooth cucumbers in Poland, but also their further revision by the sellers towards a decrease. If the trading activity on the Polish cucumber market does not return to the previous level, then from the beginning of next week the prices for this type of cucumber will start to decline gradually.

In Russia, where by the end of September only a few greenhouse complexes could regularly supply wholesale quantities of cucumbers to the market, stable, albeit restrained, demand allowed sellers to revise the previously established price level upward.

The opposite actions of sellers were prompted by a noticeable decrease in demand for greenhouse cucumbers in the Georgian market, and by the end of this week, negative price trends were established there.

Short cocumber prices as of 25.09.2020

Analysts of the EastFruit project called the key position in the greenhouse vegetables market in the 39th week short lumpy greenhouse cucumber. It was in this segment, according to the results of the reporting period, that the most atypical situation for this period was recorded. The project specialists recorded a collapse in prices in this segment on the Ukrainian market, from $ 0.50 / kg to $ 0.16 / kg in the last seven days alone. The established prices almost came close to the lowest rates among all the analyzed countries, and the reason for such a rapid decline was the products from film greenhouses. While in Ukrainian stationary mills, the supply of cucumbers throughout the current week was noted as insignificant, the steady sunny days led to a sharp increase in the samples of short tuberous cucumbers in film greenhouses. As demand for greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine remained subdued, only significant downward adjustments to previously set prices contributed to the revitalization of trade.

In parallel with Ukrainian products, the price of lumpy cucumbers in Belarus has also dropped slightly. At the same time, in Uzbekistan, Moldova and the Russian Federation, the available volumes of short cucumbers from sellers could not fully cover even the most restrained customer requests, and upward price trends were established in these countries by the end of the reporting period.

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