There was practically no dill supply on the Georgian market – a market review for the 20th week of 2020.

There was practically no dill supply on the Georgian market – a market review for the 20th week of 2020.


The trend of reducing prices for greens continued throughout the region, with the exception of Georgia

Throughout the past week, the situation in the greens market in the countries of the EastFruit project monitoring region remained relatively stable. As experts previously predicted, negative price trends continued to dominate in the segments of dill, parsley and cilantro.

Over the past 7 days, the reduction in prices for all the main types of greens ranged from 10% to 40%, and the main reason for the further reduction in prices was the increase in the supply of products on the market, as the new production season was in the active phase in most countries of the monitoring region.

At the same time, the project experts identified a number of exceptional moments that stood out from the general situation on the market. So, according to local operators, since the beginning of this week in the market Georgia the supply of dill was noticeably reduced, and by the end of the reporting period, its insufficient supply led to drastic price adjustments. As a result, after a 140% rise in price, bulk lots of dill in Georgia were offered at an average of $ 1.87 / kg, which already corresponded to the average prices for these products in the western countries of the region.

The second country, which analysts of the EastFruit project noted last week, was Moldova, where the sellers, after the previous insignificant reduction in price, managed to maintain the previous price level in all segments of the analyzed types of greenery. The reason for the equalization of the price situation was the regular supply of dill, parsley and cilantro to the market against the background of stable demand from buyers.

On the market Of Ukraine minimal changes in prices were noted in the dill segment, which lost only 10% of the previously announced value, but at the same time, with an indicator of $ 3.00 / kg, it remained the most expensive in the whole region. On the market Russian FederationAccording to the results of the reporting period, a minimum of 11% fell in price for cilantro, which remained the most expensive among all the analyzed types of greenery in Russia. If we talk about the monitoring region as a whole, the most expensive cilantro remained on the market Belarus, at $ 6.00 / kg. At the same time, sellers were able to maintain this price level, as the supply of cilantro throughout the reporting week was limited.

A quarter of the previous value was lost by all analyzed types of greenery in Tajikistan, as the supply of these products on the market gradually increased. By the end of the outgoing week, bulk batches of dill, parsley and cilantro in Tajikistan could be purchased at an average of $ 0.29 / kg, which was the lowest figure among all countries in the monitoring region.

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