The tendencies of price reduction are returning to the watermelon market. Melons market overview for the 31st week of 2020

The tendencies of price reduction are returning to the watermelon market. Melons market overview for the 31st week of 2020


Watermelons once again became cheaper, and melons became much more affordable in Moldova

Throughout the outgoing week, the supply of melons on the market has gradually increased both in the western and eastern countries of the monitoring region. According to analysts of the East-Fruit project, in most of the analyzed countries on the market watermelons negative price trends re-established, as sellers simply did not see any other options for activating trade with increasing volumes of products.

The maximum decrease in prices for watermelons at the end of the reporting period was recorded in Tajikistan and Moldova, less significantly these melons lost in price in Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

The exception of this week was Georgia, where after the last drop, the prices for watermelon not only stabilized, but also increased significantly, from $ 0.10 / kg to $ 0.16 / kg. As explained by analysts, the previous reduction in the price of watermelons significantly increased the interest in this crop from the side of buyers. With such a development of events, even minor interruptions in the supply of new batches of products to the market, which was noted by local operators, due to the fact that the timing of the main harvesting of watermelons in different regions of the country does not coincide, as a rule, leads to a revision of the previously set prices by sellers upward.

As noted earlier, negative price trends in the watermelon segment will continue to dominate over the next few weeks, as farmers in the main producing countries of the region are just starting to harvest late varieties of watermelon.

Unlike watermelons, prices for melons in the countries of the region monitored by the East-Fruit project practically did not change over the past week. In Russia, Belarus and Poland, sellers slightly increased their previous values, since more drastic actions could negatively affect the previous rates of trade.

In Tajikistan, prices for melons fell slightly over the past week under the influence of a gradual increase in the supply of products on the market. And only in Moldova, due to a sharp decline in demand due to the previously established high prices in this segment, sellers continued to make concessions to buyers, as a result, reducing average prices by up to $ 0.60 / kg, which is a quarter less than at the beginning of the reporting week.

At the highest prices in the region, as in the previous week, wholesale consignments of melons went on sale on the Polish market, on average at $ 1.20 / kg, and sellers managed to keep this price level solely due to controlled deliveries of new consignments of products to the market, since customer demand for melons in Poland remained subdued.

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