The stone fruit season is gaining momentum, prices are dropping again. Market overview for the 21st week of 2020.

The stone fruit season is gaining momentum, prices are dropping again. Market overview for the 21st week of 2020.


The supply of stone fruits continued to grow, and in most cases prices fell again

According to EastFruit, this week, the market players for cherries, apricots, peaches and plums in the countries included in the regular monitoring of the project continued to report on the growing supply of these products. Accordingly, prices, with rare exceptions, declined again.


The most active rate of decline in prices for cherries this week was noted in Moldova, where, amid growing supply, these products fell by an average of a third. Nevertheless, we note that while we are talking about early varieties of cherries, unsuitable for export, prices for which as a result of the week fell to $ 1.97-2.53 / kg.

Cherry prices as of May 22, 2020

Growers in the supply of domestic products and the start of the local cherry season were also reported by fruit producers from Georgia. The first small batches of Georgian sweet cherries of large caliber were sold on the domestic market at $ 3.13-3.76 / kg, and smaller products at $ 2.51-2.82 / kg.

Meanwhile in Of Russia prices for cherries have remained relatively stable, as well as the distribution of countries of origin: $ 2.93-4.09 / kg. As before, cherries imported from Turkey were offered at the lower end of the range, while products from Uzbekistan were offered at the higher end.

AT Belarus however, prices for imported cherries (mainly Turkish production) were again declining, although not as actively as last week. At the end of the reporting period, it was possible to purchase these products on the Belarusian market on average at $ 3.77 / kg.

The highest prices for cherries were recorded in Ukraine and Poland. In the first, they even slightly grew up to $ 10.46-11.21 / kg, and in the second, the first relatively large consignments of imported products were offered at $ 4.84-9.19 / kg.

The countries of Central Asia again noted a decrease in prices for cherries. At the end of the week, large-caliber products were offered in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan at $ 1.56-1.95 / kg and $ 2.17-2.47 / kg, respectively. Sweet cherries of smaller calibers fell in price on the Tajik market to $ 0.78-0.97 / kg, and in the Uzbek market remained relatively stable in price: $ 0.99-1.48 / kg.


Apricot this week also continued to actively fall in price.

Apricot prices as of May 22, 2020

AT Ukraine and Of Russia import apricot prices fell to $ 2.24-2.61 / kg and $ 2.03-2.68 / kg, respectively. AT Poland prices fell to $ 1.69-2.42 / kg, while in Belarus reached $ 1.68-2.39 / kg. AT Moldovameanwhile, the first relatively large batches of apricot were offered at $ 1.97-2.25 / kg.

The situation in Central Asia, where the apricot season has been in full swing for several weeks, has not changed much. AT Tajikistan this product could be purchased at $ 0.49-0.68 / kg. AT Uzbekistan apricot was offered at $ 0.30-0.79 / kg.


Belarus continued to hold the primacy of monitoring the project for peach prices, although here they fell as a result of the current week to $ 2.93-4.19 / kg

Peach prices as of May 22, 2020

AT Ukraine and Of Russia peach also fell in price to $ 2.24-2.61 / kg and $ 1.97-3.27 / kg, respectively. Meanwhile in Georgia and Poland prices have so far remained stable: an average of $ 1.56 / kg and $ 1.69 / kg, respectively.


Similarly in Poland prices for imported plum did not change, remaining in the range of $ 2.42-3.14 / kg. AT Ukraine the average price dropped to $ 3.36 / kg, and in Of Russiaon the contrary, it grew to $ 3.05 / kg.

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