The maximum price increase for apples was noted in Ukraine – market review for the 21st week of 2020.

The maximum price increase for apples was noted in Ukraine – market review for the 21st week of 2020.


Apple prices rose in all market segments

On the apple market in the monitoring region, the situation continued to develop according to the previously forecasted scenario. The apple supply in all analyzed countries of the EastFruit project monitoring region was assessed as limited, while the entire assortment of the main apple varieties could hardly be offered by any of the main producers.

At the same time, the current week in most countries was accompanied by adverse weather conditions, which did not contribute to an increase in the supply of berries of the new crop, and, as a result, the main attention of buyers was focused specifically on apples.

Since the apple supply did not cover consumer needs throughout the reporting period, prices in this market segment continued to increase everywhere. The leader of the current week was Ukraine, where the majority of the main apple varieties went up by 13%, while the Golden Delicious apples added more than 17% in price over the last week alone. According to project analysts, the main supply of apples of this variety on the Ukrainian market was still imported products from Poland. As a result, increased demand from external buyers allowed Polish producers to also revise previously set prices, and this variety of apples there also added 7% to the previous value.

The company Poland and Ukraine this week were Belarus and the Russian Federation, where the average appreciation of apples of the main varieties was noted at 10%.

And only Moldovan producers failed to support the universally strengthened trends. Fearing a slowdown in sales, sellers in Moldova practically did not adjust the previously set prices for apples, and in particular cases, as in the Idared segment, they even made concessions to customers.

Producers in Moldova, relying on the gradually deteriorating quality of existing batches of apples and a desire to realize all available production volumes without exception, are also in the near future determined to restrain approach to adjustments to previously set apple prices.

Thus, Moldova is the main contender for the end of the season with the lowest prices for apples of the main varieties among all the countries analyzed. At the same time, according to EastFruit analysts, the current level of apple prices in Moldova is completely satisfied with local producers, since it is almost twice as high as the previous season. If all available stocks in the storages are realized, producers in Moldova will confidently enter the new apple season 2020/21 and will only rely on favorable weather conditions.

It is the weather that can make significant adjustments to apple production in 2020 in a number of countries in the region. So, by the end of the reporting period, a new wave of frosts to -7 ° C took place in Poland, and in the near future the total damage of the future crop will be reviewed.

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