Spanish garlic producers intend to oust Chinese competitors from the European market

Spanish garlic producers intend to oust Chinese competitors from the European market


In the Spanish province of Cordoba, local producers grow so much garlic that there is enough for the domestic market and for export

The Spanish producers of garlic were able not only to regain the regional product lost ground in the domestic market, but also exported to Europe, overtaking Chinese competitors.

Once, farmers in Cordoba complained about the dominance of Chinese garlic, which literally flooded the shelves, successfully competing with the local product for the price. True, the taste of the Chinese counterpart significantly lost to Spanish garlic, which is considered a regional culinary heritage and heritage, writes AgroXXI based on FreshPlaza.

After that, the garlic producers in Cordoba united and, as they say, pushed both in terms of increasing the cultivated area under the crop and in terms of marketing. And soon won back their positions.

Even despite the fact that because of the coronavirus, the start of the garlic harvest campaign in Cordoba was marked by a temporary lack of labor, but this moment was quickly overcome.

According to the president of the National Union of Garlic Miguel del Pino, “today we are harvesting a record crop of Spanish garlic with a very high quality.”

In fact, with the exception of some small farms, manufacturers are provided with workers, both for mechanized harvesting and for subsequent processing. If earlier workers came to Cordoba to pick up garlic from Romania and Morocco, this time under the conditions of coronavirus restrictions, the Spaniards took over some of the tasks.

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Regarding market value, Miguel del Pino is optimistic that “the first garlic to hit the shelves in Europe is Cordoba garlic.” In this province, at the moment, local producers grow so much garlic that it is enough to provide the local market and supply up to 90% of the products for export.

At the beginning of the season, there is no fixed price for Spanish garlic, but given that Chinese garlic, which accounts for 83% of world production, will arrive in the EU not earlier than July and its volumes will be limited, farmers will be able to get premium prices on a practically empty market.


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