Potatoes and carrots are getting cheaper. Market Overview Week 31 2020

Potatoes and carrots are getting cheaper. Market Overview Week 31 2020


Prices for potatoes and carrots decreased in most countries monitored by East-Fruit except Georgia

According to East-Fruit, prices for potatoes and carrots have been declining this week in most of the countries that are regularly monitored by the project, under pressure from the growing supply of both goods. At the same time, Georgia was an exception for the week, where both potatoes and carrots rose quite sharply in price.


Potato prices as of Jul 31, 2020

The cheapest potatoes, as well as several weeks earlier, were offered by market participants Poland… Moreover, the average price here sank by another 20% to $ 0.09 / kg, and the minimum price dropped to the extremely low level of $ 0.05 / kg. Thus, the possibility of supplying Polish potatoes to the market of neighboring countries is becoming more real every week. At the same time, the limiting factor in this case is the rather low quality of the main volumes of products due to bad weather conditions in the production regions of the country. So, the price for high-quality potatoes at the moment in Poland still reaches $ 0.13 / kg, which, nevertheless, is still lower than in other countries of the East-Fruit monitoring.

For example, in Of Russia prices for potatoes decreased to $ 0.14-0.23 / kg, in Belarus in just a week fell by 40% to $ 0.18-0.23 / kg, and in Moldova remained in the range of $ 0.21-0.24 / kg. That is, on average, potatoes in Poland are at least twice as cheap as in these countries. Moreover, the difference in prices from Ukraine – even more significant, despite their gradual decline in this market. In view of the same problems with product quality, Ukrainian producers had to again slightly reduce prices to $ 0.20-0.25 / kg.

Meanwhile, in Tajikistan potatoes were still offered on average at $ 0.27 / kg, although the minimum price level here slightly rose to $ 0.21 / kg. IN Georgia potatoes rose in price quite sharply due to seasonal interruptions in supplies, and prices in this country grew up to $ 0.18-0.26 / kg by the end of the week.


Carrot prices as of Jul 31, 2020

An active harvest campaign and quality problems were also key pricing factors in the carrot market. So, at the end of the week in Belarus and Moldova prices fell to $ 0.33-0.41 / kg and $ 0.36-0.42 / kg, respectively. Meanwhile, in Of Russiadue to rainy weather and the inability of many producers to continue the harvesting campaign, carrots fell in price only slightly, by only a few cents per kg, and at the end of the week were offered at $ 0.27-0.41 / kg. Likewise, carrot producers practically did not revise prices in Ukraine, leaving them in the range of $ 0.25-0.33 / kg.

At the same time, the most significant changes in prices for carrots this week were recorded in Poland and Georgia… In the first, carrots dropped quite sharply to $ 0.29-0.37 / kg, and in the second, prices, on the contrary, rose to $ 0.29-0.33 / kg due to serious interruptions in the supply of these products. Meanwhile, manufacturers Tajikistan continued to report oversupply of carrots in the local market and prices in some cases were already reduced to $ 0.09 / kg.

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