Potato – the rate of potato imports to Ukraine in January remained close to a record

Potato – the rate of potato imports to Ukraine in January remained close to a record


If prices do not fall in the second half of February, then up to 15 thousand tons of Russian potatoes can be imported to Ukraine

EastFruit analysts note that potato imports to Ukraine in January 2020 were the lowest in five months. However, there is definitely no reason for joy – after all, the volume of imports remained simply huge and reached almost 32 thousand tons! That is, it was a record import for January in the history of Ukraine. And, as a month earlier, the main volume of production came from Russia.

If we compare with the volumes of imports in December 2019, the total import of potatoes in Ukraine decreased by 27%. However, if we discard holidays, in which trading was practically not carried out, and sales were minimal, then the daily import of potatoes in January will not be lower than in December!

“As we have repeatedly warned, the price gap between the markets of Ukraine and Russia remained too high to stop the massive export of potatoes. The most deplorable is that a significant percentage of even professional producers in Ukraine, not to mention subsidiary farms, will be faced with the need to sell potatoes in late February – March due to deterioration in their quality. So the proposal can grow quite sharply, dropping prices, ”said Andrei Yarmak, economist at the Investment Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Since the beginning of the 2019/20 season, Ukraine has already imported 264 thousand tons of marketable ware potatoes. This is almost 300 times more than in the same period last season. It’s not even worth mentioning that this is another historical import record for the season.

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“Four months are left before the start of the new season in June 2020, and in May early potatoes will begin to appear on the market en masse, which draws on itself a part of the consumption of last year’s tubers. Accordingly, the pressure on product prices on the market in March may turn out to be very significant, especially in Russia, product prices do not rise, and even decline in the segment of medium-quality products, ”notes Andrei Yarmak

In February 2020, EastFruit analysts expect a significant slowdown in potato imports to Ukraine. Nevertheless, according to forecasts of market participants, if prices do not fall in the second half of the month, up to 15 thousand tons of Russian potatoes can be imported to Ukraine.

But Russia continues to expand potato sales markets. As we already wrote this week, Russian potatoes are already being delivered even to the Polish market! Among the major importers of potatoes from the Russian Federation, in addition to Ukraine, there are also countries such as Azerbaijan, Moldova, Serbia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Moreover, quite large consignments of Russian potatoes this season were even shipped to Iraq.


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