Potato rises in price in Russia, and carrot in Georgia. Weekly review of the 14th week of 2020.

Potato rises in price in Russia, and carrot in Georgia. Weekly review of the 14th week of 2020.


Potato prices rose in the Russian Federation and Poland. Carrots have risen in price in Georgia and Central Asia. Early potato season begins in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan


According to East-Fruit, this week, from all countries included in the regular monitoring of the project, the most active growth rates for potato prices were recorded in Of Russia. Against the background of a decrease in stocks of quality products, the average price for potatoes rose by 18%, and the price range reached $ 0.13-0.22 / kg.

The still high interest of Russian producers in exporting potatoes also played a role. Recall that in the current season, the presence of Russian products was one of the key factors of pricing in the markets of several countries, including Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan and, to a lesser extent, Belarus. This week, as evidenced by the situation on the new trading platform of the EastFruit project, focused on export and trade on the Ukrainian market, Russian potato producers continued to actively search for potential customers from neighboring countries.

Potato prices as of Apr 03, 2020

Less significantly over the current week, potatoes rose in price Poland. After a decline a week earlier, local producers again managed to raise prices by an average of 12% to $ 0.26-0.33 / kg. Meanwhile, Polish traders have not yet reviewed prices for potatoes imported from the Netherlands or Belgium, offering them, as before, at $ 0.26-0.33 / kg.

Potato prices remained stable Ukraine: here these products could be purchased at $ 0.29-0.36 / kg. Nevertheless, over the past month, potatoes in Ukraine still managed to rise in price by an average of 14%, although before that prices in the Ukrainian market had not risen since the very beginning of the current season.

The lowest prices for potatoes this week were recorded in Belarus. In this market it was possible to purchase these products on average at $ 0.16 / kg, and the minimum prices for low-quality potatoes, in general, fell off by more than a third to $ 0.11 / kg.

Cheaper products were also noted in Moldova and Georgiawhere prices fell to at least $ 0.30 / kg and $ 0.35 / kg, respectively. Nevertheless, the situation in the segment of quality products in both countries remained relatively stable, and the maximum limits of the range remained virtually unchanged: $ 0.38 / kg in Moldova and $ 0.47 / kg in Georgia.

In the countries of Central Asia, last year’s potato market was characterized by exactly the opposite trends. IN Uzbekistan the average price fell to $ 0.42 / kg, and in Tajikistan, the potato crop of 2019, in contrast, rose in price to $ 0.37-0.43 / kg. It is also worth noting that this week in both countries local farmers announced the start of sales of early products. Prices for the first relatively large batches of potatoes of a new crop ranged between $ 1.15-1.78 / kg in Uzbekistan and $ 0.69-0.88 / kg in Tajikistan.


The most significant changes in the carrot market this week were recorded in Poland, Moldova and Georgia. Moreover, if in the first two prices for carrots fell off, then in the Georgian market these products have risen in price again.

Carrot prices as of Apr 03, 2020

At the end of the week, purchase carrots in Georgia it was possible at prices reaching $ 0.38 / kg. At the same time in Moldova carrot prices fell to $ 0.27-0.33 / kg, and in Poland, and at all, reached $ 0.19-0.29 / kg. Less significantly cheaper carrots in Belarus: up to $ 0.11-0.14 / kg.

IN Ukraine and Of Russiawhere last week local producers managed to raise carrot prices, the situation stabilized. As a week earlier, it was possible to purchase these products on the Ukrainian market at $ 0.11-0.14 / kg, and the average price in Russia remained at $ 0.15 / kg.

Meanwhile, market participants from Tajikistan and Of Uzbekistan reported the completion of the carrot harvest planted last fall and the end of sales of these products from the field (more detailed information on the carrot production system in these countries is available in a separate EastFruit material). As a result, prices at the end of the week rose to $ 0.06-0.08 / kg and $ 0.08-0.10 / kg, respectively.

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