Potato prices continue to decline everywhere; carrots fell in price only in the Russian Federation. Market overview for the 20th week of 2020.

Potato prices continue to decline everywhere; carrots fell in price only in the Russian Federation. Market overview for the 20th week of 2020.


Last year’s prices for potatoes and new crop products continued to decline in most countries. 2019 carrot harvest fell in price in Russia

Potato harvest 2020

According to East-Fruit, prices for early potatoes this week have been declining in all countries without exception, included in the regular monitoring of the project.

Early potato prices as of May 15, 2020

Despite the fall in prices and the constantly growing supply of domestic products, Ukraine once again turned out to be the leader of the week in early potato prices. At the end of the reporting period, prices for local products fell to $ 0.79-1.31 / kg. The market also was attended by imported potatoes (mainly from Egypt), offered at maximum prices from $ 1.12 / kg to $ 1.50 / kg.

Meanwhile, the lowest prices for potatoes of the 2020 harvest at the end of the week were recorded on the market Of Russia. The main suppliers here were Egypt, Turkey and Azerbaijan, and it was possible to purchase these products at $ 0.27-0.47 / kg. The premium segment was dominated by early potatoes produced in Israel, offered on the Russian market at $ 0.68-0.78 / kg.

The least actively reduced prices for new crop products in Poland, where potatoes produced in Greece or Cyprus have fallen in price this week by only a few cents per kg on average up to $ 0.52 / kg. The most significantly early production fell in price Georgia: here the average price fell a quarter to $ 0.47 / kg.

The prices for potatoes of the 2020 harvest in Moldova and Belarus. In the first market, these products fell in price to $ 0.67-0.84 / kg, and in the second – to $ 0.57-0.61 / kg. Central Asia was no exception: early potato prices in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan by the end of the week fell to $ 0.35-0.49 / kg and $ 0.49-0.88 / kg, respectively.

Potato harvest 2019

Last year’s potatoes in the East-Fruit monitoring countries gradually faded into the background, and prices for residual batches of products were rarely reviewed. Nevertheless, dynamics in some cases was nevertheless noted.

Potato prices as of May 15, 2020

So, according to the results of the week, the potato harvest of 2019 decreased in price on the market Of Russia, having fallen in price to $ 0.14-0.24 / kg. Last year’s prices for imported products also decreased slightly. Moldovareaching the end of the week $ 0.28-0.39 / kg. Most actively, this potato fell in price Tajikistanwhere prices fell to $ 0.34-0.49 / kg. AT Uzbekistanmeanwhile, last year’s products, on the contrary, rose slightly in price to $ 0.28-0.37 / kg.

In other countries, prices, as well as the general market situation, have changed little. The cheapest crop products of 2019, as before, were offered in Belarus: $ 0.16-0.29 / kg AT Poland Last year, domestic farmers offered potatoes at $ 0.22-0.31 / kg, and traders sold products imported from the Netherlands or Belgium at $ 0.24-0.31 / kg. AT Georgiameanwhile, last year’s potato was selling at $ 0.38-0.41 / kg.

The prices for these products in Ukraine. Potatoes of poor quality were offered from $ 0.26 / kg, and in their maximum limits, prices reached $ 0.34 / kg. Note that, against the backdrop of a lack of offers of last year’s high-quality potatoes, Ukrainian traders even began to purchase products from the Netherlands, previously intended for processing for french fries.


Following last year’s potatoes, a negative trend was also recorded in the carrot market in 2019 Of Russia. At the end of the week, local farmers had to lower prices to $ 0.14-0.24 / kg. In the premium segment, the Russian market also offered products of a new crop produced in Israel, which could be purchased at $ 0.66-0.77 / kg.

Carrot prices as of May 15, 2020

At the same time, with the exception of last year’s carrot price increase, Moldova (on average up to $ 0.31 / kg) and a certain increase in the cost of new crop production in Tajikistan, the situation in other countries monitoring the project has changed little.

So, the lowest prices in the European region for last year’s carrots, as before, were recorded in Ukraine: $ 0.15-0.17 / kg The first, while relatively small batches of domestic products of a new crop were offered on the Ukrainian market at $ 1.01-1.12 / kg.

AT Belarus carrots from the harvest of 2019 could be purchased at $ 0.16-0.29 / kg, and sellers asked for $ 0.53-0.61 / kg for early production. The highest prices for last year’s carrots were still fixed at Georgia ($ 0.44-0.50 / kg), although early carrots were already offered here at $ 0.31-0.50 / kg.

The price of carrots last year’s crop did not change in Poland: $ 0.24-0.35 / kg. Also, imported products from the harvest of 2019 were present on the Polish market. The main supplier was the Netherlands, and prices in this case ranged from $ 0.38-0.40 / kg.

Early carrot prices as of May 15, 2020

In Central Asian countries, carrots of the previous harvest, as a week earlier, were sold at $ 0.07-0.09 / kg per Uzbekistan and $ 0.10-0.15 / kg per Tajikistan. As for the production of the new crop, its prices in the Uzbek market remained stable ($ 0.39-0.49 / kg) and slightly increased to $ 0.29-0.49 / kg in Tajik.

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