Potato acreage will grow in the EU in 2020

Potato acreage will grow in the EU in 2020


The area under potatoes in Germany and France in 2020 will expand by 1-2%, respectively,

In 2020, the area under ware potatoes will increase in key EU producing countries compared to the previous year, East-Fruit reports with reference to the NEPG forecast (Association of Potato Producers of North-West Europe).

According to the Association, this year the total area under ware potatoes (excluding seed and for starch production) in Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK will grow by 0.5% to 621 thousand ha. Note that the area under potatoes in Germany and France will expand by 1-2% in 2020, respectively, and farmers will more actively switch from potatoes for processing to products for the fresh market. The area will also grow by 1% in Belgium, but will decrease by an average of 2% in the Netherlands and Great Britain.

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In the current conditions of quarantine restrictions and falling demand for potato products, such an increase in area can be considered quite significant, NEPG representatives believe, especially since in comparison with the average result over the past five years, the total area under ware potatoes in these five countries in 2020 will be 7.6% more.

The expansion of areas in such a difficult period for the industry is mainly due to the fact that farmers did not have time to make changes to their plans after the onset of the “coronacrisis”, as they pre-ordered seed and rented space. As for the prospects for the season, NEPG analysts are still cautious in their forecasts, since the final production result depends more on yield indicators rather than area. However, droughts and frosts in the spring have already negatively impacted many farmers’ yield expectations. For example, potato producers in Germany have already reported problems with the caliber of early potato tubers.


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