Polish blueberry growers predict labor shortages during berry season

Polish blueberry growers predict labor shortages during berry season


One of the three main problems of the Polish berry sector is the shortage of labor during the harvest season.

The main problem for the production of blueberries in Poland will be the lack of berry pickers. This was in an interview with reporters of the portal sadyogrody.pl Dominic Kozarzhevskaya, president of the Association of Fruit Manufacturers “Polskie Jagody”.

“The situation is changing every day. New information is constantly appearing. We are forced to adapt quickly. Of course, what is happening will affect the berry sector in Poland, but how concrete is it, it’s too early to say,” she commented.

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According to Fruit-inform, Dominika Kozarzhevskaya identified three problems that producers of blueberries will face in this berry season.

“First of all, there is a shortage of means of production. The second factor, very important, is the lack of labor. I hardly believe that workers from other sectors who are forced to temporarily close their business or hairdressers, cosmetologists, etc., will come to pick berries. Third factor: the problem of sales, logistics, distribution and exports, “she added.

Also, frosts have recently passed in Poland, and there are already forecasts of certain crop losses.

“There are reports that the kidneys were damaged, but we still do not know the exact number. Many manufacturers say that in the current situation this may be for the better. There will be fewer, but higher quality products,” said Dominika Kozarzhevskaya.


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