Parsley is the leader of this week in terms of price decline rates. Market Overview Week 31 2020

Parsley is the leader of this week in terms of price decline rates. Market Overview Week 31 2020


Traditional types of greens continued to fall predominantly in price

During the reporting period, the demand for all analyzed types of greens remained stable in all countries of the monitoring region of the EastFruit project, and in some segments the price situation stabilized.

So, at the end of this week, the project specialists recorded a decrease in prices for dill, about 16%, only on the Belarusian market, and in all other countries of the region, prices for this greens remained relatively stable, and if they changed, then only slightly.

At the same time the offer parsley the market has been gradually increasing since the beginning of this week, and in order to boost sales, sellers in Belarus, Russia and Georgia increasingly made concessions to buyers. Over the past week, this type of greens in the aforementioned countries has lost in price from 16% to 25%, and the project specialists have not recorded an increase in the price of parsley in any of the analyzed countries.

If the growth in prices in the segments of traditional types of greens was not observed during this week, then the prices for cilantro in individual countries gradually grew. So, in Russia, cilantro has recently added about 19% in price, and in Georgia, sellers have managed to increase the previously established prices by 1.2 times, which was the result of a sharp reduction in the supply of cilantro in the Georgian market.

As noted by experts, the green market in Moldova, Tajikistan and Ukraine has not undergone significant changes over the past week, and trade in both traditional and less popular types of greens was carried out at the same pace.

It was the stabilization of the situation in the segments of the main types of greens in Ukraine that again brought it to the first place in terms of prices, since parsley and dill were sold there on average at $ 2.89 / kg.

Russia has consolidated its reputation as the country with the most expensive cilantro, as the wholesale prices in this segment were announced at $ 6.71 / kg by the end of the outgoing week.

The cheapest parsley, dill and cilantro remained on the Tajik market, and, as in the previous week, all analyzed types of greens were offered there at a single price tag, on average, at $ 0.24 / kg. As the analysts of the EastFruit project noted, it is in Tajikistan that stable purchasing activity has been maintained for a fairly long period, which once again explains the absence of significant price changes.

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