Onion prices in Ukraine may be a high third season in a row – expert forecasts

Onion prices in Ukraine may be a high third season in a row – expert forecasts


Despite the possible further expansion of areas, the gross yield of onions in Ukraine in 2020 may even decrease

Onion prices delight Ukrainian vegetable growers for two consecutive seasons. And this is a unique case, said Alexander Khorev, head of the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project.

During the webinar “Prospects for the fruit and vegetable season-2020/21 in Ukraine”, organized by the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project, he noted that despite the increase in onion production in 2019, the coronavirus pandemic stimulated a sharp increase in its consumption. Consumers believed that onions helped protect themselves from coronavirus, and bought them in unprecedented quantities, which allowed farmers to increase selling prices.

A similar reaction to coronavirus was observed not only in Ukraine, therefore, in the second half of the season, traders also activated export shipments of onions to other countries, which also contributed to price appreciation.

Speaking about the prospects for the new season, Alexander Khorev expressed the opinion that, despite the possible further expansion of areas, the gross harvest of onions in Ukraine in 2020 may even decrease.

Vadim Dudka, director of AgroAnalysis LLC, explains why there may be certain problems with the onion crop in 2020.

“Seasonal vegetables have not yet suffered any serious and massive damage from excessive rainfall and cool weather. However, the risk of damage is high. The main problem is the increased activity of the development of diseases and the active growth of weeds. Weather conditions are ideal for weeds, but now it is impossible to deal with them either mechanically or with a herbicide, since farmers cannot enter the field with machinery. Now the fields are massively overgrown with weed. There is no tragedy yet, but we do not know when the rains will end, ”Mr. Dudka notes.

He also says that in the fields, seedlings are also partially withering out, and because of the long period of rains, one will have to work on diseases not at the initial stage, but at the height of their development. And weeds, in this case, interfere.

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“For many, the drugs may not work this season. Therefore, now the question is acute, where to start: with a weed, pest or disease? However, it must be remembered that with a clogged field, treatments against pests and diseases will be less effective than with a field free of weeds. ”

Vadim Dudka also said that the harvest of winter onions will suffer from adverse weather conditions. “We used to not work with winter onions at this time. However, this season this habit has played a cruel joke with us, because outbreaks of diseases this year are observed now. This will not affect yield, but will affect the quality of onions. Many, of course, managed to react, but many, even understanding what to do, could not go out into the field. Indeed, in Kakhovka it rains almost every day, ”says the expert.

EastFruit analysts from what they heard at the webinar conclude that this season there may be a unique situation where the price of onions will be relatively high for the third season in a row. Nevertheless, if the weather turns out to be ideal in the remaining months, then the opposite scenario is possible – overproduction of onions and low prices.


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