Onion prices decreased in Ukraine and Poland, but increased in Central Asia. Market Overview Week 39 of 2020

Onion prices decreased in Ukraine and Poland, but increased in Central Asia. Market Overview Week 39 of 2020


In Ukraine, onion prices dropped and were even lower than in Central Asia. Onions also fell in price in Poland and Georgia

According to EastFruit, this week the situation on the onion market in the countries regularly monitored by the project was ambiguous. In the western part of the monitoring region, prices were decreasing, and onions in Ukraine were already offered, in some cases, cheaper than in Central Asia, where this product slightly increased in price. By the end of the week, prices also collapsed in Poland and slightly decreased in Georgia.

Onion prices as of Sep 25, 2020

So, in Ukraine at the end of the reporting period, onion prices had already dropped to $ 0.09-0.12 / kg, and the market was still mostly medium-sized products that were unsuitable for long-term storage. As for the late varieties of onion, due to low prices on the market, producers have not been in a hurry with sales so far. As a result, the established price range in the Ukrainian market was even lower than in the countries of Central Asia, where onions have been the cheapest of all the countries regularly monitored by EastFruit over the past few seasons. So, at the end of the week, sellers from Tajikistan and Of Uzbekistan offered their products at $ 0.10-0.13 / kg and $ 0.12-0.16 / kg, respectively.

Nevertheless, Ukrainian onion producers have an opportunity to reduce the pressure on prices by increasing exports. Thus, the ban on the export of onion, recently introduced by the government of India, may open up wide opportunities for suppliers of these products from Ukraine in those markets where Indian exporters were traditionally present. More details about this situation can be found in a separate material of the project.

Meanwhile, by the end of the current week, onions have also dropped in price in the leading countries in terms of prices for these products. Moreover, if in Georgia prices fell by only a few cents per kg to an average of $ 0.21-0.27 / kg, then in Poland onions fell in price by 12-17% over the week to $ 0.15-0.26 / kg.

In other countries monitoring the project, the situation was more stable, and prices were revised quite rarely. So, in Of Russia onions were still offered at $ 0.13-0.19 / kg, and in Moldova these products could still be purchased at $ 0.18-0.24 / kg. IN Belarus the same prices, like a week earlier, varied within the range of $ 0.19-0.23 / kg.

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