Moldova intends to introduce a single agricultural tax for farmers

Moldova intends to introduce a single agricultural tax for farmers


Since 2019, the Moldovan authorities intend to introduce a single agricultural tax for farmers. This was stated by Speaker of the Parliament Andrian Candu, who discussed this issue with entrepreneurs from Nisporen, Ungen and Strasen

“We would like all economic agents to be equal before the law. It is abnormal when one company pays taxes and the other does not. If they introduced a single tax, many issues would be resolved more easily,” Ion Kilyanu, farmer.

“We hope that we will be able to introduce a different taxation system from January 2019. At least launch a pilot project, as we did in 2001 and 2002 in the southern regions,” said Andrian Candu, Speaker of Parliament.

The parties also discussed the issue of transporting goods to EU countries. Agrarians say that carriers refuse to take orders over short distances, such as in Romania or Poland. “Large trucks primarily take orders over longer distances. Ungheni has a railway that meets European standards, we used to use it,” said Nikanor Buzova, chairman of the Grain Producers Association.

The Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure noted that the railway tracks and the locomotive fleet will be updated and modernized. In addition, the European Union will provide Moldova with quotas for the supply of new goods.

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