In Ukraine and Georgia, prices for new onions fell off. Market overview for the 21st week of 2020.

In Ukraine and Georgia, prices for new onions fell off. Market overview for the 21st week of 2020.


2020 onion prices fell in Ukraine, Georgia and Tajikistan. Last year’s products also fell in price in Ukraine, but rose in price in Moldova

According to EastFruit, the onion market in most countries included in the regular monitoring of the project, this week gradually switched to trade in new crop products.

Early onion prices as of May 22, 2020

AT Ukraine a fall in prices was observed in both market segments. Last year’s crop fell in price due to the ever worsening quality characteristics of products in storage and more active import of products from the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the growing supply of domestic onion in 2020 provoked a rather sharp drop in prices in this market. At the end of the reporting week, early production in Ukraine could be purchased at $ 0.30-0.45 / kg, and the remaining lots of last year’s onions were offered at $ 0.37-0.49 / kg.

At the same time in Of Russia average prices for products of both new and last year’s crop remained relatively stable. Domestic onions in 2019, as a week earlier, were offered on average at $ 0.35 / kg. Nevertheless, many manufacturers were ready to reduce the prices of the remains of their products, and the general range nevertheless moved down to $ 0.25-0.42 / kg. The onion segment of the new crop continued to be dominated by suppliers from Central Asia and Egypt. In the first case, prices were not lower than $ 0.39 / kg, and Egyptian products were offered at $ 0.47-0.54 / kg.

Similar to the Russian market, average prices for onions practically did not change in Belarus. Last year’s products, like a week ago, were sold at $ 0.27-0.42 / kg, and prices for new onions here ranged from $ 0.36-0.42 / kg.

Onion prices as of May 22, 2020

We also note that this week in the three monitoring countries of EastFruit (Georgia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan), the supply of onions in 2019 fell to a minimum and had almost no effect on the overall market situation. As for the production of a new crop, in Georgia she fell in price for a week to $ 0.22-0.31 / kg, and in Tajikistan prices fell to $ 0.10-0.12 / kg. However, in Uzbekistan the price range has changed little, remaining within $ 0.08-0.10 / kg.

AT Poland also, there were no significant changes in the onion market. Last year’s domestic products could be purchased at $ 0.24-0.34 / kg, and onions imported from the Netherlands, as before, were offered at $ 0.29-0.34 / kg.

Meanwhile in Moldova Over the week, imported products from the 2019 crop managed to slightly increase in price to $ 0.39-0.45 / kg.

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