In the green market, there is a widespread trend of price reductions. Market Overview Week 39 of 2020

In the green market, there is a widespread trend of price reductions. Market Overview Week 39 of 2020


On the market of all types of greenery in the region, only negative price trends were noted

As experts predicted earlier, the stable situation on the greens market could not strengthen its positions, and by the end of the first autumn month of 2020, the market for all analyzed types of greens underwent significant changes. And as in the case of greenhouse vegetables, the reason for the current changes in the situation is the gradually declining demand from buyers.

So, by the end of the reporting period, the previously dominant growth trends in prices for all traditional and niche types of greens in most countries of the region of the EastFruit project monitoring changed to radically opposite ones. And only in some countries of the region, where there was no oversupply of greens on the market during the reporting week, prices for products remained stable.

Herbs dinamic prices as of 25.09.2020

And the most remarkable fact of the outgoing week was the absence of cases of even the slightest rise in prices in the segment of greenery, and the sellers did not have the prerequisites for this in any of the analyzed countries.

As for new negative price trends, they were most pronounced in the segments of niche types of greenery, namely cilantro and basilica… And if basil has significantly dropped in price over the past week, from 11% to 25%, only in two countries of the monitoring region, then the prices for cilantro were revised by sellers in Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Georgia and Uzbekistan, and the range of price decline was recorded at a level from 1% to 44%.

Regarding traditional types of greenery, negative price trends were less noticeable here. So, in the segment dill, a decrease in previously established prices was recorded in Georgia by 3%, in Russia by 13%, and in Uzbekistan by 22% at once, in relation to the previous week. In the same countries, a fall in prices for parsley, but already in a wider range, from 3% to 30% compared to the previous week.

Herbs prices as of 09/25/2020

If the experts of the EastFruit project noted Georgia as the leader of the past week in terms of the most significant price changes, where the traditional and niche analyzed types of greens rose most in price, then according to the results of the reporting week, another country in the eastern part of the monitoring region – Uzbekistan, became the leader. It was in this country of the current week that the most dramatic changes in the green market were noted, but unlike the previous period, dill, parsley, cilantro and basil in Uzbekistan were rapidly falling in price. As the project specialists noted, greens in this country have become more accessible from 22% to 44% in the last week alone.

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