In Russia, the price of potatoes has risen, and in Ukraine and Central Asia, prices for carrots have fallen. Market Overview Week 38 2020

In Russia, the price of potatoes has risen, and in Ukraine and Central Asia, prices for carrots have fallen. Market Overview Week 38 2020


In the Russian Federation, the price of potatoes has risen, but the price of carrots has fallen. In Ukraine, prices fell for both products. Carrots also dropped in price in Central Asia

According to East-Fruit, this week the market for potatoes and carrots was subject to changes in Ukraine, Russia and Central Asia, while in other countries of regular monitoring of the project, market participants preferred not to revise the previously established price levels.

Thus, the start of active purchases of potatoes for storage both by professional market operators and the population, allowed producers Of Russia raise prices by an average of 10% to $ 0.13-0.21 / kg. An additional factor in the Russian potato market was the limited supply of quality products, as many farmers reported problems with potato caliber due to dry summer weather. On the Russian carrot market, meanwhile, the trends were exactly the opposite, and due to an active harvesting campaign, local farmers reduced prices by 5-8% to $ 0.13-0.20 / kg.

Potato prices as of Sep 18, 2020

IN Ukraine sellers were forced to lower prices for both products. Against the background of the continuing growth in the supply of carrots, these products on the Ukrainian market fell in price to $ 0.11-0.21 / kg. In the potato segment, in addition to pressure from the mass harvesting of late varieties, prices were also influenced by the fact that large batches of low quality products were on offer. As a result, at the end of the week potatoes were offered in Ukraine at $ 0.14-0.25 / kg. Products imported from Belarus were offered on the Ukrainian market at $ 0.16-0.18 / kg.

In the same Belarus the prices remained unchanged so far: potatoes could be purchased here at $ 0.16-0.19 / kg, and carrots at $ 0.14-0.19 / kg. Likewise, prices for both products remained practically unchanged. Moldova and Georgia: potatoes were offered at $ 0.21-0.24 / kg in the Moldovan market and at $ 0.19-0.27 / kg in the Georgian market, while prices for carrots varied between $ 0.36-0.42 / kg and $ 0.22 -0.31 / kg, respectively.

Carrot prices as of Sep 18, 2020

Meanwhile, in Poland catastrophically low prices for potatoes continued to be recorded, which could still be purchased here from $ 0.07 / kg. Carrots on the Polish market, as in the previous week, were offered at $ 0.19-0.27 / kg.

In Central Asia, the main changes were observed in the carrot market. So, in Tajikistanand in Uzbekistan, low quality carrots dropped in price to $ 0.10 / kg and $ 0.15 / kg, respectively. Nevertheless, prices for products suitable for long-term storage, on the contrary, in the Tajik market still reached $ 0.15 / kg, and in the Uzbek market even rose to $ 0.34 / kg. At the same time, the potato market in both countries remained stable, and this product, like a week earlier, was offered on average at $ 0.21 / kg and $ 0.29 / kg, respectively.

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