Georgian Blueberry Farm intends to increase blueberry plantations to 50 ha in 2021

Georgian Blueberry Farm intends to increase blueberry plantations to 50 ha in 2021


The Georgian company focuses on the sale of fresh berries

The Blueberry Farm company plans to increase blueberry plantations to 50 ha next year, as well as to build a blueberry storage and processing plant.

According to Ekaterina Vepkhvadze, co-founder of Blueberry Farm, EastFruit, intensive blueberry orchards on 21 hectares were established by the company in the Ozurgeti district (Guria region) with state support in 2019. Taking into account the soil and climatic conditions, several American varieties (Legacy, Bluegold, Gupton, etc.) were selected, seedlings were imported from Poland.

“In total, we planted 67 thousand 200 seedlings. They endured the winter well. Now we are conducting spring field work. Naturally, with full observance of the recommendations within the framework of universal quarantine. This year, we plan to begin procedures for obtaining Global G.A.P. We expect the first commercial harvest of blueberries in 2022, ”she said.

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According to Ekaterina Vepkhvadze, in 2021 the company intends to develop the remaining 29 hectares of its agricultural land and plant blueberries again. At the same time, allot part of the territory for the cultivation of organic blueberries. In general, in a few years the company plans to reach a yield indicator of about 600 tons of berries per year.

“The main focus will be, of course, on the sale of fresh berries. But we also consider the direction of frozen berries to be promising: we want to subject fresh blueberries not of a premium class to shock freezing. Next year we plan to build an enterprise that will include refrigeration facilities, as well as equipment for processing berries. To implement this project, we may use the incentive programs existing in Georgia, ”she said.

The most promising markets for its products Blueberry Farm considers the European Union and the Gulf countries. He plans to place a certain part of the products on the local market. “However, these are only preliminary sketches, everything will depend on the situation on the world market, which, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, I think will change. We have already begun working on an anti-crisis plan that will help us build our activities in the coming years, ”said Ekaterina Vepkhvadze.


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