Garden strawberries continue to rise in price, while blueberries continue to fall in price. Market Overview Week 31 2020

Garden strawberries continue to rise in price, while blueberries continue to fall in price. Market Overview Week 31 2020


Prices for garden strawberries rose again, while blueberries fell in price. Raspberry prices fell in some countries after rising a week earlier. The currant season is coming to an end

Garden strawberry

According to EastFruit, prices for garden strawberries continued to rise in almost all countries monitored by the project due to the end of the sales season for the main varieties a few weeks earlier.

Strawberry prices as of Jul 31, 2020

As a result, prices in Of Russia by the end of the week, they rose to $ 3.82-6.11 / kg and almost doubled the price levels in other countries. So, in Ukraine garden strawberries were still offered at $ 2.35-3.07 / kg, and in Moldova prices rose to $ 2.68-2.98 / kg. Meanwhile, in Georgia and Poland garden strawberries have risen in price to an average of $ 2.60 / kg and $ 2.26 / kg, respectively, and in Belarus sellers managed to raise prices by almost one and a half times, and they were not lower than $ 1.23 / kg. IN Tajikistan the price of garden strawberries remained practically unchanged, with the exception of a slight increase in maximum levels in comparison with the previous week: $ 0.87-2.13 / kg.


Blueberries continued to decline in price everywhere, while markets more focused on imported products joined the producing countries in the downward trend of this berry.

Blueberry prices as of Jul 31, 2020

So, the cheapest blueberries, as before, were offered on the market Poland, where it dropped in price to $ 2.66-4.53 / kg. Slightly higher suggested local blueberries in Belarus, but even here prices dropped to $ 4.10-4.92 / kg. Ukrainian producers were also forced to revise prices downward, and in Ukraine at the end of the week, blueberries were offered at $ 3.60-3.97 / kg.

Meanwhile, in Moldova and Of Russia imported blueberries also fell in price over the week. In the first, prices dropped to $ 7.76-8.95 / kg, and in the second they dropped to $ 8.55-10.02 / kg.


The raspberry market has been volatile this week, with prices declining in some countries despite a decline in supply due to the end of the summer season.

Raspberry prices as of Jul 31, 2020

So, in Ukraine due to problems with berry quality, prices for raspberries fell to $ 1.63-2.53 / kg. A similar situation was recorded in the markets. Tajikistan and Georgiawhere raspberries fell on average to $ 1.16 / kg and $ 1.95 / kg, respectively. A slight decrease in prices was also noted in Belarus, which continued to hold the lead in this indicator. Here raspberries fell slightly to $ 3.69-4.51 / kg.

Meanwhile, manufacturers in Moldova and Polandon the contrary, we managed to raise prices for this berry. In the first they grew up to $ 2.09-2.68 / kg, and in the second they reached $ 2.66-3.73 / kg. IN Of Russia the same prices for raspberries have not been practically revised yet: $ 2.73-4.09 / kg.


Blackberries fell in price this week in Moldova and Belarus, but remained stable in price in Georgia and Ukraine.

Blackberry prices as of Jul 31, 2020

Thus, the prices most attractive for berry consumers for blackberries were still recorded in Georgia… After a significant drop a week earlier, producers managed to stabilize the situation and fix prices in the range of $ 0.65-1.30 / kg. Similarly, prices for blackberries in Ukraine, remaining at the level of $ 1.99-2.35 / kg.

Meanwhile, in Belarus blackberries fell quite significantly in price to $ 4.92-6.56 / kg, and in Moldova it was already offered at $ 1.79-2.39 / kg.


The currant season was drawing to a close, and prices for these products in most cases were revised upward, especially in the segment of red berries.

So, in Georgia red currants gained about 50% in price over the week and were offered already at $ 1.95 / kg, while the black berry season on the Georgian market is practically over.

Redcurrant prices as of Jul 31, 2020

Meanwhile, in Of Russia red and black currants rose in price to $ 3.27-3.67 / kg and $ 1.64-2.86 / kg, respectively. IN Moldova the main growth was in the segment of red berries, which rose in price to $ 2.09-2.39 / kg, while black currants were still offered at $ 2.09-2.39 / kg.

Blackcurrant prices as of Jul 31, 2020

IN Ukraine and Poland the situation on the currant market was the most stable. Thus, in Ukraine, the price of red berries slightly increased to $ 1.81-1.99 / kg, while black berries fell slightly to similar indicators. In Poland, black currants were still offered at $ 1.33-2.40 / kg, while the price range on the red berry market dropped to $ 1.07-1.86 / kg.

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