Garden strawberries are getting cheaper everywhere except Ukraine – a fresh berries market overview for the 14th week of 2020.

Garden strawberries are getting cheaper everywhere except Ukraine – a fresh berries market overview for the 14th week of 2020.


Prices for strawberry garden declined everywhere with the exception of Ukraine. In Central Asia, the domestic berry season has started. Harvest in Poland and Ukraine at risk

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According to EastFruit, the current week in the market for fresh berries in the countries of the European region for monitoring the project was marked by a rather intensive and sharp increase in the supply of fresh strawberries from Spain, Turkey and other exporting countries.

Strawberry prices as of April 03, 2020

As a result, prices moved down rather quickly, and in Of Russia, and at all, in just a week, they doubled to $ 3.43-6.99 / kg. In this case, the least active prices for this berry decreased in Belarus: from $ 4.04 / kg to $ 3.88 / kg.

An exception to the strawberry garden market was Ukraine: in connection with measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19, the supply of imported products has significantly decreased, and market prices have doubled to $ 7.21-10.81 / kg.

IN Poland on the contrary, strawberry horticultural production in Spain became cheaper due to the growth of its supply and difficult sales situation due to quarantine measures in the country, and Polish traders began to be actively interested in the possibility of re-export to neighboring Ukraine, including through the new trading platform of the EastFruit project, focused on supply and trade in the Ukrainian market. At the end of the week, prices for strawberry in Poland fell to $ 2.15-2.86 / kg.

In turn, Polish producers expected a rather difficult and unpredictable season of domestic strawberry garden. By all accounts, they will have to face a drop in demand for their products in the context of economic stagnation, rising unemployment, a possible increase in quarantine measures in the country and a shortage of labor. Moreover, after recent frosts, there are certain concerns that the production of garden strawberries in Poland will decrease this year. Nevertheless, this, on the other hand, can help keep prices from falling for those producers who can maintain their crop volumes.

Note that similar potential problems with the sale of fresh berries due to the closure of food markets and restrictive quarantine measures this season were reported by producers of strawberries in Moldova.

In turn, farmers from Central Asian countries this week announced the start of the sales season for their products. IN Tajikistan the season began about a week earlier than last year, and prices for the first large lots of domestic strawberry garden by the end of the week fell to $ 2.94-3.43 / kg. IN Uzbekistan, meanwhile, the supply of local berries also grew rapidly, and prices managed to fall to $ 3.14-5.23 / kg.

Other berries

IN Of Russia Mexico remained the key supplier of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and red currants. The maximum price of blueberries and raspberries reached $ 16.49 / kg and $ 28.45 / kg, blackberries traders offered at $ 27.09-34.64 / kg, and the average price of red currants at the end of the week was $ 37.18 / kg

IN Poland blueberry prices ranged between $ 7.63-11.93 / kg, which, as in the case of garden strawberries, was slightly cheaper than in Ukraine ($ 12.97-18.02 / kg).

We also note that producers of blueberries and other berries from Ukraine in the current season may well face significant damage from frost, which was mentioned in a separate EastFruit material this week. Producers of early blueberries may be particularly affected, and the risk of freezing flowers and ovaries will remain in the country for about 30-40 days.

In general, the prospects of the new Ukrainian berry season can also be found in two other materials of the project. The first is the point of view of a professional producer of berries on business in the new conditions of economic recession and quarantine restrictions. The second represents the position of the leading processor of fruits and berries for work in the new berry season in Ukraine and the world.

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