Garden strawberries are getting cheaper everywhere, except for the Russian Federation and Central Asia. Fresh berries market review for the 21st week of 2020

Garden strawberries are getting cheaper everywhere, except for the Russian Federation and Central Asia. Fresh berries market review for the 21st week of 2020


Prices for garden strawberries were declining almost everywhere, with the exception of Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Raspberry season begins in Poland

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This week, according to EastFruit, in the market of garden strawberries in almost all countries included in the regular monitoring of the project, negative price dynamics were clearly traced, with the exceptions being the Russian Federation and the countries of Central Asia.

Strawberry prices as of May 22, 2020

So in Of Russia, due to worsening weather conditions, prices for domestic berries rose to $ 3.24-4.93 / kg. The Russian market was also attended by quite significant offers of imported products, which also rose in price over the week. So, strawberry garden production in Turkey was offered from $ 2.54 / kg, and prices for berries imported from Egypt reached up to $ 5.64 / kg.

The most significant rates of cheaper strawberry garden this week were observed in Ukraine and Georgia, where the prices of these products fell by an average of one third. In the Ukrainian market, manufacturers were forced to lower prices to $ 2.05-2.80 / kg, and in some cases they dropped to one and a half dollars per kg. In Georgia, against the backdrop of an active increase in the supply of open ground products, garden strawberries fell in price to an average of $ 1.25 / kg. At the same time, on the Georgian market, prices for berries of closed soil, on the contrary, even increased slightly, reaching $ 3.13 / kg in their maximum limits.

Meanwhile in Belarus prices fell slightly to $ 4.61-6.29 / kg after a rather sharp jump a week earlier. The strawberry garden in Poland and Moldova. Polish producers had to lower their prices to $ 3.27-4.35 / kg, and importers offering berries produced in Spain to $ 2.18-3.87 / kg. In Moldova, the price of strawberry garden dropped to $ 2.25-3.38 / kg.

In Central Asian countries, strawberries, by contrast, were not cheaper. So in Uzbekistan prices rose one and a half times to $ 1.28-1.97 / kg, and Tajikistan remained in the range of $ 0.54-0.78 / kg.


The blueberry market remained relatively stable except for the rise in price of this berry in Of Russiawhere weekly prices rose to $ 10.91-17.06 / kg.

Blueberry prices as of May 22, 2020

Meanwhile in Poland and Belarus blueberries dipped slightly in price to $ 6.77-10.64 / kg and $ 12.58-13.83 / kg, respectively. AT Ukraine but the prices remained virtually unchanged: $ 11.21-16.25 / kg.


This week, producers of berries from Of Poland reported the supply of the first shipment of raspberries from the ground this season. Prices for the first volumes of domestic raspberries reached $ 15.48-16.93 / kg, and imported products were offered from $ 9.67 / kg. AT Of Russia, meanwhile, prices for imported raspberries were much higher: $ 24.63-31.02 / kg.

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