Fresh greens prices are falling again. Weekly review of the 14th week of 2020.

Fresh greens prices are falling again. Weekly review of the 14th week of 2020.


Fresh herbs fell in price again in most countries, with the exception of Moldova and Georgia. Georgian manufacturers almost finished the season

Parsley, dill, cilantro

According to EastFruit, the key news this week in the fresh greens market was the premature end of the season announced by the producers of these products from Georgia.

According to local market participants, for several reasons (devaluation of the Russian ruble, difficulties with harvesting and logistics), farmers who previously focused on exporting fresh herbs to Russia were forced to end the season and switch to planting tomatoes and cucumbers.

As a result, the prices of parsley and cilantro in Georgia at the end of the week they rose on average to $ 0.63 / kg. Nevertheless, the average price of dill still fell slightly to $ 0.47 / kg.

Herb price performance as of Apr 03, 2020

Meanwhile, in most of the countries included in the regular monitoring of the project, fresh herbs continued to get cheaper over the course of the current week.

So in Ukraine prices for parsley and dill fell on average by 8-16%, and cilantro, and at all, fell in price by a third. IN Belarus the rate of cheaper products was even more active: although the price of cilantro fell by only 14%, fresh parsley and dill were half cheaper than a week earlier.

As a result, parsley and dill could be purchased in Ukraine and Belarus on average at $ 1.80 / kg and $ 1.77 / kg, respectively, and the average price of cilantro was $ 3.60 / kg in the Ukrainian market and $ 5.30 / kg in Belarusian.

IN Of Russia the main price reduction was noted in the parsley segment, which fell in price to $ 1.59-1.78 / kg, while fresh cilantro did not change in price ($ 4.19-6.60 / kg), and dill, in general, went up in price up to $ 1.59-2.13 / kg.

Herb prices as of Apr 03, 2020

Market participants from Central Asian countries also reported the need to revise prices downward. As a result, at the end of the week, fresh parsley, dill and cilantro in Uzbekistan could be purchased at $ 0.47-0.52 / kg, and in Tajikistan prices moved down to $ 0.39-0.49 / kg.

IN Moldova sellers of parsley and dill, on the contrary, managed to raise prices by 15% to $ 1.91 / kg.


Prices for fresh basil in Belarus also increased slightly, reaching $ 14.12-16.95 / kg by the end of the week. Meanwhile, the situation in Ukraine and Russia remained relatively stable, and prices, as before, ranged between $ 15.13-18.02 / kg and $ 11.69-15.24 / kg, respectively.

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