Decrease in prices for garlic and ginger, an increase in the supply of wild strawberries, the revitalization of Ukraine – analysis of EF trading floors per week

Decrease in prices for garlic and ginger, an increase in the supply of wild strawberries, the revitalization of Ukraine – analysis of EF trading floors per week


What fruits and vegetables have become favorites of trade at EastFruit sites?

Over the past week, the audience of the largest fruit and vegetable trading group EastFruit Trade Platform increased by 100 participants and exceeded 7100. We will analyze who and what sold using Telegram on this site.

Representatives of seven countries placed their ads in the group for the indicated period, which is the lowest indicator for the past month. However, in the offseason – this is a common trend. In May, a sharp increase in trade is expected, as the supply of early vegetables, berries and fruits increases.

But the number of ads has increased compared to last week. Participants from Russia were traditionally active, but sellers from Uzbekistan and Ukraine also increased their activity. Manufacturers and suppliers of vegetables and fruits from Belarus and Kazakhstan began to place slightly less ads.

The leaders in the number of advertisements were vegetables of “borsch set”: potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage and beets. At the same time, the offer of the first two has increased significantly. The first offers of young potatoes of Egyptian origin appeared. Sellers of young and Beijing cabbage in Uzbekistan stepped up. Significantly reduced the number of offers of tomatoes and cucumbers, almost disappeared ads for the sale of radishes. The number of offers of ginger also continued to decline.

In the fruit and berry segment, as a week earlier, proposals for the sale of apples prevailed. The number of sales announcements for lemons and strawberries has increased.

Below we offer a graph of the dynamics of proposals for key positions in quantitative terms.

In advertisements for the purchase of products, potatoes and carrots were in greatest demand among vegetables, and apples among fruits.

The EastFruit Fruittechnology technology group has traditionally been dominated by advertisements for the sale of fertilizers and seedlings. Of the interesting proposals, we can distinguish design, construction and maintenance services for fruit and vegetable storages from Insolar-Holod LLC, as well as an announcement on the sale of ventilation and microclimate systems for potato, vegetable and fruit storages.

The analysis of prices for fruits and vegetables in Russia is given in the table below.

Prices of the EastFruit Trade Platform trading group (Russia)

Compared to last week, garlic, leaf lettuce and green onions fell in price in Russia. At the same time, prices for beetroot and greenhouse tomatoes increased. Ginger, sometimes, was already offered at a cheaper price of 200 rubles / kg in bulk.

For more effective promotion of our products, we continue to recommend indicating prices when posting ads. Our recommendations can be found here.

Below are the prices of offers from Ukraine, the entrepreneurs of which last week increased the number of ads indicating the price.

Prices of the EastFruit Trade Platform trading group (Ukraine)

A little about prices in other countries. In Kyrgyzstan, carrots were offered at 14 rubles / kg, and for washed carrots they asked for 16 rubles / kg. At the same time, participants from Belarus asked for 20 rubles for washed carrots. per kg

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We also remind that for those who sell vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs in the domestic Ukrainian market, there is a separate platform UkrOpt. You can join it at this link On this site over the past week, the supply of fresh berries of wild strawberries has grown sharply, and many residues of frozen berries, fruits and vegetables are also sold. In addition, there were offers of imported potatoes imported from the Netherlands.

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