Collect it yourself – residents of Transcarpathia (Ukraine) were invited to harvest apples

Collect it yourself – residents of Transcarpathia (Ukraine) were invited to harvest apples


Anyone can harvest the harvest by choosing the apple variety that they like the most

In the Transcarpathian region (Ukraine), in the open garden of Stepan Paladi, the self-harvesting of apples has been taking place for the fourth year in a row. Anyone can harvest the harvest by choosing the variety that they like the most, says

“We offer self-picking apples so that people can come, have a good time, move a little physically. Collect apples. See the conditions in which they grow. Where does the apple come from? Well, collect those varieties that they like.

There are fewer people this year due to quarantine. But last year there were schools with whole buses, excursions were held, ”said the commercial director of the garden, Stepan Paladi.

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A resident of the city of Uzhgorod, Marianna Muralevich, came to pick apples so as not to buy at the market. I am delighted with such an initiative. Says: learned about her from Facebook, decided to join.

“For me, it’s not just picking apples. This is an interesting process. We are planning for two weeks such a small supply of children to school and every day for constant use. We also use it for pies, we love fresh juices, ”said Marianna.

Lyudmila Pilipko came from the Irshava region with her family. She said: they collected three bags of apples. We did it in an hour.

“You see the apple that you want to pick,” said Lyudmila. – No one walks, does not lead by the hand: you can only vomit here, but do not vomit there. Eat as much as you want, tear as much as you want. Want: collect from the ground or climb. Here they gave the ladder. There is no such thing when you think that you will either buy dry on the market, or not tasty. And here you try, like it – you tear. It’s great”.

Anyone can come and pick apples. They have to be paid for. In the open garden, according to Stepan Paladi, there are about 20 varieties of apples, both summer, autumn, and autumn-winter. The collection of the latter will begin in October.


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